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strawberry margherita..

It was a post emerg day..had gone to sleep at 11 in the morning and got up at 5 in the evening...
oh shit ..i have slept away an entire day...had to study..need to to study..
yup that is the story of my life ..i obsess abt work but hardly do any..
but had already promised friends that i would go shopping with them and so went to phoenix..
got back from shopping ,ate dinner in hostel and settled down to ..what else ,studies.
that's when got a message from bro that he is going to hard rock cafe and if i wanted to come..
You see i dont listen to rock and i dont drink..
so am never invited to these joints by bro..
plus i would cramp his style..

but that day i went..
call it post emerg psychosis..

so..i went in my kurta and jeans..with kajal in my eyes..
to a place famed for it's girls in minimal clothing..

hard rock is a great place for a date..
high ceilings..soft lighting..nice music..
because the ceiling is high the smoke from ppl's cigarettes
doesnt make u gag
and i am averse to smoke ,smokers,smoking..

my brother and sunny ordered beer,
while i ordered a margerita.stawberry flavour.
coz it is not bitter like other drinks.
plus had had it before and liked it..

so there i was in my ethnic attire ,sipping a marg
listening to a band called no quarters.
they had a female lead singer..
the quintessential rock chick..
with a tattoo on her lower back

that's when sunny said..
more women in india should be like u..
what he meant to say is more women should
drink and listen to rock..

i said yes more women shud be like me.
more women should not change who they r.
more women should be open to new experiences in life.
more women should stop being prejudiced..
more women should put enjoying as there priority
more women should have fun after a hard days work.


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