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dare to share ?

they often say...
share your happiness and make it double..
share your sorrow and see it reduce..

or something like that,basically the general belief is that u can divide your troubles when u talk about them to others..
i dont believe so..

take for example,i do badly in an exam, and am distressed.
i 'share my sorrow 'with my mother..
what good did that do..
it did not reduce my troubles.i am still gonna flunk.
but now ,instead of reducing my sorrow i have multipied it.
i am worried,my mom is also worried!

another example.
a friend's cell phone and wallet got stolen.
she told all of us about it..
that did not make her any happier.
she was worried none the less.
but now all of us were distressed too!

share by all means share your happy sad wierd moments..but to expect your troubles to vanish...that is asking for too much..
many a time i prefer to keep my problems to friends want to know abt my sorrows..they say they want to 'help' me..
"'yaar' 'agar tum kuch kar sakte ho to i will definitely tell u,but my sorrow is my burden to bear.."

ps; sharing happiness deffinitely doubles the happiness though..


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