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kelloggs world !

have u ever been asked so what is ur religion ,or , so do u celebrate durga puja? with the festive season around eid and navratri and diwali coming..i cant help but ..analyse religion..and these r my thoughts.

firstly religion must not be confused with spirituality or faith or believing in god.Religion is mostly about being part of a whole..being part of a commune,part of a group, part of a cult. religion is about community.
Whereas faith is a personal's what u as a person believe .and need not be religious.

religion is a lot like corn flakes. actually like any breakfast or food item which one eats every day..but not water.
we can survive without religion but not water ,so water is out.

anyways as i was saying cornflakes is very interesting analogy,
first .it is man made..much like religion. yet it has natural ingredients ..much like religion.
and why i say cornflakes anfd not ..say poha or idli sambar is because coprnflakes comes in sooo many different flavours.there is sugar coated ones,chocolate flavour..yum..fortified with iron..even better..with real nuts and raisins..yippee!then u have the ones giving u the x factor xtra protien and xtra fibre,xtra calcium. but tyhe basic ingredient is essentially cornflakes.
so u have hinduism and the lil xtra in budhhism ,jainism,taoism,muslims..and sunnis and shias..and christians with catholics and protestants...

cornflakes is the new age gaive u strenght to go thru the day with energy and vigour no matter what happens in the day..and so does religion help u get thru a day with hope and a feeling of well being..both nourish us and are healthy and essential..
a lot of youngsters miss ther breakfast these's a fad thing..and so do a lot of youngsters miss out on the cultural and religious festivities..
some have ther cornflakes with milk and some have it with honey,or u can have it with fresh fruits,yogurt!! and even so in a religion u have ppl following the religion doing there own unique blend amongst the given consraints..

but most of all ..we believe..we believe that having our breakfast is helping us grow provides us with instant sense of well being in the form of a full stomach,and a long time benefit of healthy bones..but there has never been a randomised control trial studying the average life span and the quality of life comparing the people who have honey coated cornflakes with fortified calcium versus the people who have the sugar coated ones with real nuts and raisins with fortified iron.
it's worth thinking about coz even religion has never had a randomised control many hindus get to go to heaven as compared to muslims..or a case control study of protestants and catholics ...

but you dont see the kelloggs guys fighting.


Akshay said…
Loooved ur comment on religion n spirituality. N the end is rather Amir types!!..
Anonymous said…
wt an analogy!! it seemz u hv done medicine very sicerely.. :P

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