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saying goodbye..

as i prepare to leave mumbai, and moveto sunny goa..or wherever the winds of change take me, i realise that mumbai will never leave me, even when i leave it.

whenever it will rain ,i will always wonder if it is raining in mumbai , and if sion and parel junction are already underwater.

every attested xerox copy will remind me of joshi madam.

every cutting chai, of the college canteen[thoughj i doubt that there will be a term as cutting]

even the rocky beaches will remind me of bandra band stand.

side rooms will remind me of ward 4 a

harrowed interns of salagre

funny quotes always remind me of gr kothari's anatomy corridor blackboard.

dal makhani of college lunches.

bowling will always remind me of phoenix mills,

sunday lunches will always remind me of mess ke uncle,chicken biryani will remind me of mess uncle. pink falloodas will remind me of the hostel mess..

mongini cakes will remind me of hostel birthdays,streetwear lipsticks and tribal wear earrings from lifestyle will remind me of hostel birthdays.

pani puri, vada pav, kachi dabeli....will remind me of mumbai..

even stray dogs, and people feeding dogs parle g will remind me of college..

but rains...the lightning and thunder and broken trees ...will always make me think..'abhi harbour line trains must be closed in bombay..'


Salil Mirashi said…
That is the problem with the city!!!......It dissolves in your blood and then flows in your body...

It haunts you wherever you go... can't get rid of it...

It has already clogged your heart!!
Kunal K said…
Mumbai always remains a collection of sweet dreamy memories ,which carried us safely through its reality...

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