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The unbloggable stuff...

somethings in life are beyond words,and sometimes, the emotions and feelings are so potent and ... i don't know..terrifyingly real, that they defy words , and are thus unbloggable. sometimes one is faced with the realities of life, and the virtual world of a blog are unable to capture the essence of what u 'felt' experienced' or 'lived through'.
sometimes happens...
i read somewhere that the mental life and the organic life are running parallel..
fixing a broken down car in the middle of a desserted road..
losing your daughter in a crowded mall..
hearing that your friend has met with an accident..
learning that u have a life threatening disease..
these are moments whoch demand so much that u are at a loss of words,
it is like a dry tap during a bone marrow aspiration.
when the bone marrow has excessive number of cells and u do a bone marrow aspiration u paradoxically get ;no cells;technically a dry tap. thats coz the cells are packed so tightly together that none come out, and i guess that is what happens when one is faced with a situation which gives u an overdose of emotion.
a mental shut down..
we have all faced it when ..
mom caught us doing something wrong , or when a guy proposed to us ..
but these are momentary 'emotional dry taps' , sometimes ,our life experiences are such that even after many years ,talking about the event is too painful,or too embarassing.
and these are the unbloggable stuff, things which you dont want to share with others ,because you fear that they might never understand ,not empathise , because somethings are best felt , than written about.
somethings are best felt in first person than heard in third person, and to have someone [friend or family] there holding your hand or just being there when you have your unbloggable moment is -priceless.


Karuna said…
Unbloggable stuff was a shear joy to read. It's so true that we often are perplexed when faced with such situations and no words can explain the turmoil of feelings within us! i have so many such moments that i cannot pen down coz they are way beyond anyone's understanding and i doubt if anyone can ever hear the cries or laughter in those words the way i can.....So true...its Priceless!! Keep it up Kuheli.
kuheli said…
thanks is true, sometimes somethings need to be felt and experienced..beyond words and vocabulary..
Parag said…
Its been months since i have blogged... not that I didnt have anything on my mind... just that so much was happening, that I just cudnt put it down...
I didnt realize at first, whats wrong with me... but I guess u solved it all!
Good one

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