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tisrio manzil..

connoisers of fine dining have held oysters in very high esteem...
the shelled sea food, not only is the origine of lustrous pearls , but have been known to be delicious food items..
well so they say..
The illustrous Vir sanghvi describes oyeters as the taste of the sea, some lesser metaphorical descriptions have been..chewy, sweet, slimy... and this was enough reason for my curiosity to be piqued..
here i was wondering how to sample my oyster so as to add to my world experiences, and give my own expert comments. i did come across oysters on many a buffet menu..but they looked inedible, lying there on a bed of ice...UNCOOKED! they just looked to alive to was as if they would start moving inside my mouth , a prospect not very appetising, and so i passed on my chance to sample this particular delicacy , and labelled it as just another acquired taste of the aristrocratic taste bud..
I have recently moved to goa , and they have a dish called tisrio, which is a dish made of shell fish. shell fish looks like small oysters, complete with shells and all, and that chewy flesh inside.
and even better is that tisrio is a cooked meal complete with haldi, oil and potatoes..:)
the first time i ordered a fish thali and was surprised to see shells (the kind we find on sea beaches) sticking out of the dish. shells !! it was the first time i was seeing shells any where other than the beach , and now it was on my plate!! and i was to have it either with rice or chapatti!!!??? the entire concept! the fact that i would be having oyster cousins for dinner, at the meager price of rupees twenty, when the food critics had exalted the same at a ruppes 1500 a plate five star hotel dinner.. was enough to take the plunge (literally) into my deep sea delicacy.

tisrio , they call it.. a dish of shell fishes. i am not aware if it can be made in any other way , but the preparation i had , had the regular salt, turmeric, i think potato, i think onion and ginger paste, all fried together..i wouldn't be sure ..but well it tasted more like soya beans..
no it did not taste like the sea.. but it did taste of india... where even shells from the sea beach are masala ' ed..

bon appetit!!!


Parag said…
Surprising, u didnt have the shell-fish in all those yrs u stayed in Mumbai...
Its quite a common sea-food in the konkan...
Tisrya - thats what we call it in Marathi... the Curry made of coconut,ginger-garlic paste, tamarind and garam masala.. that we get at the malvani food joint near wadia childrens' hospital is awesome!! :)

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