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hot water formentation for the heart..

People who know me will vouch that my favourite word is TRAUMA..
he he i can hear them snigger now, trauma is another word for stress in my i am in trauma..bahut trauma ho raha hai, trauma mat de yaar... and i have traumatised my friends soo much over the years , that they are now trained in ATLS.that is :advanced trauma life support, for the un innitiated.
now that i am a training ophthalmologist and i have to attend these trauma calls , with these patients with red swollen eyes ... i have finaaly found the ultimate cure of trauma.
you see as ophthalmologists we write HWF how water formentation four times a day.
this helps in reducing the inflammation , the redness and pain, around the eyes. it helps in giving' warmth' and for every condition that requires the curing touch..HWF QID does just fine..
now not only is this an excellent ophthalmic cure but , hot water formentation is the answer to my kinda trauma too..
A warm bath..
a hot water feet soak, after a long day at work,
a glass of hot water to drink in this rainy weather,
or make that milk..anyways it's mostly water.
and now that we are at it a hot meal
a warm blanket..
It had been a tiring day, with innumerable gliches , in other words a traumatic day.. and i felt like there was no cure... but after a steam bath , i felt... like my heart had just got a hot water formentation... something like the chicken soup for the soul..
now i know why the health spas and the steam sauna's are such a rage...
and some times when things are getting traumatic a warm person , can be ur HWF..
infact as a friend of mine cheekily put it , a 'hot' person can be your HWF. wink


Akshay said…
Vintage Kuheli!!!!..Checking ur blog after ages yaar..U back in full form babemoshai!!..
Ma said…
What about hot rassam while nursing a cold,hot oil head massage,and that hot cup of perfect chai with the news paper.

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