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dark adaptation.

In ophthalmology , we have a term called dark adaptation , it is the time that the eyes take to adjust to a dark or dimly illuminated room, after coming from a well illuminated surrounding. for example entering a movie hall, or when the lights go out.. dark adaptation is the function of the rod cells in the eyes, where a complex chemical reaction takes place and there is regeneration of 11-cis retinal from all-trans retinal.
now, as i was reading all of the dark adaptation mechanism, i found that i have a problem , not on entering a movie hall, but once the movie was over ... a sudden sense of bereftment..
let me explain, once in a movie theatre , you are carried away into the imaginary world of the actors, and so enthralled is one in their events that once the movie ends, and realiy bites, it takes some time to hit ground takes time to adapt to the every day troubles, of work, studies, in general. It is for a fleeting moment but ,i think , it happens to every one..
like after finishing a book, after returning from a holiday, after the festivals.. even monday morning blues..yup ..adapting to the dark ... thats what i call dark adaptation..
And it's not always , when things are sad, or terrible, or down right intolerable, that this feeling of returning to reality, is felt. Even when life is not so bad, it still is a rung lower than the blissful unawareness, that a book or novie, or a fun party allows us to live in albeit for a short time..
I just finished , reading a really nice fiction.. and like coming out of a dream, reality hit.. i have to wash the clothes, some dishes, clean the room, study....!!! reality came back overwhelmingly..
and it made me wonder if these novels, and movies, were not a little like the intoxicating drugs that people take, which help them forget reality..
they take drugs, and alcohol, and they have a prolonged dark adaptation.. and this not being able to adapt to the dark drives them to their addictions..
So you see, it all basically boils down to science..
and how we interpret it in our lives..
just as the eyes need rod cells and other chemicals to dark adapt...
we need, ways to help us dark adapt to reality...


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