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It's funny , how people ,when they are told to keep the city clean, or not to spit, smoke in public ,turn a complete deaf ear to these suggestions , but if asked to throw stones at a bus, or assault railway entrance candidates.. they dont need to be told twice.
It's funny really, because the same man may ask good of people, may ask for upliftment of people , but no one heeds, but ask people to strike out at another human being, and there is no stopping them.
this makes me believe that, it is not who says it, that matters.. we can not put one person in jail for instigating people, because it is not 'who ' said it that matters , but 'what' they said that matters.
The twin towers were destroyed, but the catching of Bin Laden , or the end of al quaida will not end it..
Nuns are being gang raped, and made to walk the streets ..
temples are destroyed...
the deccan queen burnt down..
property destroyed..
terror and vandalism cannot be credited to a single person or persons..

I am sure that even if the worst terrorist, or the most influencial of politicians asked the common man to forget their differences and live in peace...peace will not be found. Humans have an intrinsic need to lash out, to destroy , it is a suppressed feeling , not actually a feeling but it is in our genes, and we cannot help but fight , fight for what we believe is survival. Darwin proved it , that in the evolution of man , the only constant is that we must survive , at all cost. the only thing that the instigators of terror do is tell people , that the survival of a fellow human being ,is detrimental to your survival. people want to hear that, they already believe that, it is in bread, in their blood, from time immemorial, the need to fight for survival.. and it is not difficult to instigate them. to make one man kill another.
I once believed, naively, that if there was only one religion, one region , one country..all will be well. in fact to end the strife , of different colour, height, bone structure, i thought that maybe if we lived in a world of clones, where we all looked alike... all would be well.
But it wouldn't...
our differences are just a mere reason to fight..
the truth is , we were not programmed for peace.
It might seem bitter , but we are just a bunch of sado-masochists, who like to hurt, and be hurt in return.


Mike said…
this is heavy stuff.... hahahaha I can only take a little at a time. I am a more of a hands on guy. I saw your picture on another site, where this person was bit by the love bird. Makes me want to barf, hahahaha. That is what puppy love is. Many get it at some point in life, even if it only last a day or 2
And it gets only worse and worse, like I can imagine how all the HUJI, and the SIMI, and the Indian Mujahideen and their ilk must be laughing themselves hoarse while we are like idiots rioting in our own cities coz a couple hundred ppl came to give an exam from another state..

its always a bad sign when screaming and abusing become normal forms of communication for means violence is barely a breath away. :(
Also, it could also be becoz its always easier to smash a work of beauty than make it in the first place..
Mike said…
welcome to america, bullshit center of the world. This is typical America and perhaps typical of your country also.

I don't know where the world is heading. The heavens above seem not to mind.

We are nothing, not even a pin head in the scope of things.

But in the little pin head world I live in I try to make things better, nice, good, civil and humain
Akshay said…
No yaar.. Atleast i hope not!!.. Humans are not that bad.. The fact that v are still surviving and flourishing is proof enof for me.. In fact, read KK's blog called Angels and Demons on the same.. Cant imagine someone like you sound so pessimistic..
Sumedh said…
I agree with a lot of your reasoning. Humans are not programmed to be nice. Somehow the facade of "civilization" makes us forget that we are animals. In fact, sometimes I wonder - is niceness a part of improvement (evolution) or regression? Why do nice guys finish last?

Think of the inception of life. It's all brotherhood and teamwork until one guy finds the gold. Then the others are not team, but competition; and are booted out and left to die. :) One-upmanship is in our DNA.
yes it is the chaos theory...we came from chaos , and we are progressing towards more chaos at double the speed of says einstein..
what hope do we have?

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