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What colour is your world?

I was reading about a medical condition where people are colour blind. and then there is a condition where people see the whole world in a single colour.. shades of a colour actually.. most comonly blue..
And it got me thinking.. if I were to see the world in just one colour what would it be..
Now mind you this isn't the same thing as , 'what is your favourite colour?' since my favourite colour is red ,but I wouldn't want to see the world in red. It would be gory.
Maybe shades of brown? Like living in a sepia toned world.. an old world movie.. or seeing the world through Raybans?
Maybe pink..a rose tinted world..
or yellow give a sunny outlook..
greys and blacks are out ..too passe..
orange and lavender are too OTT..
hmm i am yet to decide..
Till then i live in my technicolour dreams..


Akshay said…
For a radiologists, the world is all black and white and grey yaar..The only little colour in our lives is the doppler i suppose :)..
What colour is the world for a G.I.Joe?

Green, coz thats the infra red they use..

I think I'd go with green too, did they teach you that green is the colour that the human eye can see most shades of? interesting na..wonder why that colour..

if you're curious check this out, this guy wrote a whole blog post on it..

if i can see just one colour, then maybe i'd pick a colour which wud allow me to see shadow and light in all kinds of different permutations and combinations, i guess..
oh and i changed the name! :) i like how we associate colours with emotions na? green is jealous, blue is miserable, black is angry and so on.


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