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Love stories... shakespeare style

Each one of us has had a great tragic love story in our life..
the girl who got away.. the could have been.. the might have beeen if only.. the summer romance .. the college crush..
every one of us has gone through the stage of being a secret admirer . At that time life seems empty , almost insignificant without that one significant one.. the sun moon and stars revolved around ' the one who can never be mine..'
Ah the sweet sorrow.. actually it was a searing pain at that time.. i was i think 15 ..well it's still a dull ache somewhere..
Anyways ..i think it's agood thing that all of us have had these moments of unattainable bliss.. because the greatest love stories are of unrequited love..
the boy and the girl never actually settle in marrital bliss..but either die ..or live out a life of evergreen memories..
frankly if Romeo and Juliet were to marry.. we would never have..' shall i compare thee to a summer's day, thou art more lovely, more temperate..' instead we would have a potbellied couch potato Romeo serenading a blousy and wrinkling Juliet ' shall i compare thee to a winter night ,thou art more cold, more frigid..'
We just tend to romanticise what we don't have or can't have..we bestow uppon our ' might have been's ' with qualities of beauty, and courage, and grace and style.. hitherto un found in any real human..making them fictional and ethereal .. and more unattainable.. and therefore , more cherished, than they would actually have been..
I have gone through the stages, myself, and sure it might just be a case of sour grapes..;) but i doubt it..
Sure my childhood dream guy.. was great..must be a wonderful Man now..but not actually the only guy out there with.." eyes like deep blue sea, a voice like melted chocolate , and the touch of.." it's just unreal.. and romantisized beyond the realms of reality..

There are no deliriously happily ever afters... there are only... happily living in contented compromise...

So i say, we should all have are great tragic love stories, we should all have one woman who turned us down, one guy who got away... so that shakespeare lives on..


Meghana Kelkar said…
Hey Kuheli!

Have been following your blog for a while now - and all I can say is that your 'economy of words' is just right!

As for this particular post - I agree with you one hundred per cent.

More power!

"There are no deliriously happily ever afters... there are only... happily living in contented compromise..."

wow..thats what my mom keeps telling me when i get a lil too dreamy..;)

I read the internal angst, joshi ma'am can be quite a dragonette, na? but she always ends up doing it in the end after some gaalis and plenty words of wisdom and cackling..

again, awesome post!

but every time, one is inclined to believe that maybe unrequited love is quite shakespearean, one remembers that shakespeare also said, "tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."
kuheli said…
thanks meghana it's a joy to be able to share .. and i like the way you say 'economy of words' i am a scrooge while writing.. find it tiring to type long blogs..thus the frugality..:)

Karishma, I agree with the bard when he says it is better to have... the man was a champion of tragic lovers.. and i think, in a way most of us consider ourself tragic lover's , having lost something- ..anything , precious in our lives.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bui
beautifully written
life is an art of positive compromise
but beautiful albeit painful memories linger on
Anonymous said…
u know it is like the forbidden apple as i said.

but i think it is related to this positive feeling that is always there, in some corner of ur heart. that feeling is related to the very spirit of being a human being.

wot m i sayin

i think u got wot i m sayin rite ku
deluded said…

what youre saying is right.

but its also true that,

the biggest crime would be giving someone momentary bliss and then to take it away forever, without leaving even a whisk of hope.
wow u just laid my entire (one sided) Love life on the table.

V.funny,yet poetic,yet maddeningly true.

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