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What money CAN buy..

It was one of those super awful days..when I am thinking 'is life worth all this trouble..' and talking it over with someone hadn't helped..neither had sleep it of.. that's when I went to Cremaux ..the cake shop, and bought myself a blue berry mud pie..
.. and as I bit into this layered pastry with a base of biscuit topped with a gooey chocolate brownie, topped with lemon cheese cake , topped with blue berry jam, topped with all seemed a little bit worth it.
As my taste buds savoured the fluffy fresh cream, followed by the sweet blue berry jam, then the tangy lemon , then bit into chocolate and walnut brownie..and ended with a crisp and satisfying crunch of biscuit.. I realised what money can buy. So in this world of self help gurus, and reinventing life styles.. it's cool to say money can't buy you happiness, and I am sure that is true in a whole lot of places.. but sometimes a little bit of TLC courtesy of the cash in yourpurse ..doesn't hurt.
I realised how wonderful it was to earn, to be able to give yourself what you always wanted. Life up till now had been a balance between 'need' and 'want'..and now that i am earning the balance had tipped towards the stuff that i wanted and not necessarily that i needed.. and i love the fact that I can spoil myself. I love the fact that i now can say yes to the spa pedicure, the dinner on a boat, the 4 pairs of shoes.. I love the fact that i earn.
There is a local eating place run by a husband and wife, where we have dinner often, the wife recently died of stomach cancer, leaving behind two young kids, I love the fact that i can buy the kids 5 star chocolates instead of the eclair toffees.. the difference between need and want.I love the fact that i now am taxable.. that now when the roads have potholes, and the streetlights don't work..I can indignantly say.. 'what is happening to the tax payers money!!
Sure there are somethings in life that money can't buy.. but for every thing else.. for that little extra.. for that blue berry mud pie that, money can buy!!


wow a post after a long time! and i totally absolutely adore this is totally going in my bookmarks!!!

first of all, i;ve never eaten a mud pie before..but the way u've described seems sinfully delicious and i cant wait to try one myself..;)

i love that feeling that i get when i splurge and buy 4 nice comfy tops at cottonworld..retail therapy rocks!

and i cant wait to start earning pots of moolah myself..

and for this.."I love the fact that i now am taxable" awesome sentiment haha!
the visa mastercard ppl shud take inspiration from this post too! ;)

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