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I will never be alone again..
silence speaks to me..
.. my conscience now has a voice..
when the darkness descends..
and the noise dies down..
my days activities done..
i am reminded ...
the voice, angry, beseeching, accusing...
of the wrong i did, the good i should have done..
my mind, my conscience will never forgive..
there is no retribution..
there is no way out..
i make my own hell , the fires of hell
the flames of guilt burn..
sting my eyes..
i blink back throat choking..
i realise ..
there is no retribution..
living in fear..
i will never be alone again.
my conscience will never leave me alone..


Milan Kundera said through a character in one of his books,

"Heaven and hell are the same place, dont u know?

In our hearts. Thats where we find them."
Sometimes I think that believing that people are inherently good becomes easier when we think we all have a conscience.


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