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HOUSE M.D. the indian M.O.

I am such a fanatic fan of House M.D. the weeekly telly serial, that I have withdrawal symptoms if I don't get to see it. His flamboyant, irreverent, brash mannerisms which disguise a sensitive man who plays the piano, strums a guitar, rides a Bike, misses his ex wife, and suffers with his limp.. alone with his Vicodin..

sigh...before I start drooling.

What I realised is that we as Indian doctors have a lot in common with the genius doctor.

We diagnose patients sometimes by starting treatment 'empirically' and that happens a lot of times among AMO's and medical officers in the PHC's and other primary health care setup's.. sometimes this' empirical' form of treating takes place in teaching hospitals too.. because either the diagnostic test is not available, or the the test is too expensive and the patient can't afford it.

So we say ' lets start treatment and , then if it doesn't work start something else.. relying on our clinical acumen, or plain good luck to throw up the diagnosis..'

In House 'empirical ' treatment is started because.. the patient has only 24 hours to live and the diagnostic test will take 48 hours treat and watch :)...some times it works..or they are back to the whiteboard...:)

Another thing in common is how easily the patients allow house to carry out dangerous tests.. and how House manages to make pt's give consent to the most outrageous tasks brain biopsies.. liver transplants..

Among Indian Medical Officers too , It's amazing how little a patient questions the doctor's authority. I heard once a surgeon asking for consent to amputate a leg..' pair katna padega..yahaan sign karo' simple as that..
(We will have to cut your leg off, sign here)

I enjoy House M.D. for his wit, caustic sarcasm, and brilliant diagnosis... but I wonder... was he working as a medical officer in some PHC in India before ?


hahaha..i loved the last line..that sure puts a whole new idea of House M.D. in perspective for me..

i dunno if this situation shud be agonised over or sardonically laughed at..

but still the mental image of House swinging his walking stick around at some decrepit Indian PHC cracks me up.
and wow post! I really had fun reading it..

i'm addicted to House too! :)
Anonymous said…
Woohoo!Just chanced upon your blog.Wonderfully written :)

Have heard soo much about House MD,must start watching it soon.But..ahem.... is it advisable to watch TV while you are preparing for PG?

I reckon you are doing your post grad :)!OOhh how cool is that.
Just today I wrote a post on the bane of this thing called PrePG :(
Anonymous said…
Hey I saw your comment on my blog...and didn't have a better way to get in touch with you.An ophthalmologist and a prolific blogger....that sure is a dapper.Please help me with this PG.I have taken a drop this year and almost a fresher since couldn't study much last year :(
mgeek said…
Nice comparison. I love house.

Btw, vigatin? (you mean Vicodin, right?)
vern said…
i am also a huge fan of Dr. House and never miss to watch House MD. and it was fun reading ur post may be the writer of the show has been inspired of any Indian M.O. :D
Anonymous said…

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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kunal khemnar said…
I am also a fabn of house..but you have given an amazing angle to look at him..we (readers) wonder why it never occured to us..but yes, then we would have been writing this piece of art !! Good one !

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