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The great equaliser..

One massive stage, a synchronised act of guts and glory, a play of dexterity and intense concentration..
A stage set in the operation theatre..
There is a set order , a certain protocol , when it comes to working in an OT setting. The operating surgeons,gallant and all powerful , the assistants, in subtle veneration , the nursing staff , the attendants, who slunk around like the invisible work force.
There is order...
A certain heirarchy, here iin the operation theatre..
And then there is the great equaliser!!
I love it, the sheer brilliance of the working in a government hospital.
For all those who still haven't figured out what all this is about..lemme tell u.
In all operation theatres we are expected to be in surgical scrubs, right?
now in a govt hoospital these are supplied by the hospital, and laid out all laundered , on the day of your OT outside the theatre.
now the brilliant thing is that All of us pick our scrubs from this laundered set, whether you are the big boss or the lowly under study!
And every now and then you land up with the faded slightly scruffy looking scrubs..
So you have the super suave consultant in his snazzy car, the lady anaesthetist with her posh hand clutch.. but once in OT , their style quotient is equalised by the uniform Green of the scrubs.
Infact the ward boys have a much nicer shade of blue scrubs in our OT while the female attendants have a delectable pink ones.
elegant fingers are covered in gloves, beautiful faces are covered in masks.. You are stripped of your identity as an individual, and all that speaks is your work.
It's a level playing field. Yes, it's true a few get a away with mistakes, but all in all The operation theatre is a great equaliser, an open stage, where the heroic play of life and death is inacted every day.. and the best part is The actors are not allowed to wear make up.


Harini said…
Never thought of penning this down. Bravo!
Very interesting thought, this!
Bhavana said…
I am not a Doctor by profession nor bin a science student... but reading your piece of writing i can well imagine how the situation described must b like... gr8 piece of material...liked it!!
Nicely penned the ethics and essence of your profession!!
Meghana said…
Hey Kuheli!

You haven't written in a long, long time, bud.

Waiting for something interesting to come up on this space...


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