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how much does love cost?

Love , the illusion of love, the hard core evidence based true love, or whatever other type you prefer..they are all out there, waiting for the taking. So how much would it cost to buy yourself one. would the genuine love cost more than the fake one? then comes the question is there anything like fake love..or rather is there anything like real love??!! seriously, the almost as good as genuine, made in china variety, available discreetly in some chor bazaar should work just as well. Anyways the true love hardly comes with a ISI quality stamp , or a life time warranty or money back guarantee stamp. So why bother??
Yup , against better advice of my friends I am back to my cynic ways. Yup , all those who follow myu blogs know that I have a healthy disregard for love ( my dumper dumpee theory and shakespeare theory... my personal favourites) :). So why do I sully my pretty blog with my cynicism? Coz someone needs to do the job, and personal blogs are meant for venting .. and I NEED TO VENT.
So.. where was I ..yes , how much would it cost to average love, say the sasta tikau variety, which will last one life time.. not the high end saat janmo ka saath types. Hmm, the real softies would say 'you can't buy love' , but that's all hog wash. Love actually comes for pretty cheap. It just costs one life - yours. Thats just a small price to pay for all the love that you get right? I mean what does it matter if you have to give up your life, your identity, your self worth, your long as you get what the world craves for?
so you sell your soul, to buy yourself a pot of love...
and the funny part is , that a lot of people think they got a pretty good bargain. like the got it for a steal or something. like love was on a upto 70% percent sale.. and you got LUCKY.
But you know what shit happens, and it happens a lot.. and you know what I think we'd miss it if it didn't.
And you know why they call them Fairy tales...coz they end with the line.. and they lived happily ever after.

ps : No I am not high.. nor do I smoke..
a lot of dark chocolate though.. the bitter taste kind of numbs the other bitter tastes.


AWESOMER !!!! said…
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Have you ever fallen in love with a person you cannot get attracted to ??,.,.,.,. And love is unconditional ??,.,.,.,.,. You have money and your babe is all over you,,.,.,. Your broke and the relationship will choke !!!,.,,.,. Your not the same !!,,,.,. ,.,..,

WHY BUY LOVE ???,,.,.,. Buy anti-oxytocin pills from the AWESOME ONE !!!,,.,.,. AND GET ENLIGHTENED !!!! ,.,.,.,.,.

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