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mommy mood swings: pregnancy swag- maternity fashion

mommy mood swings series: 4
pregnancy swag- maternity fashion

When Keira knightley walked down the red carpet at the 2015 Oscars in a floral Valentino looking every bit a princess , my heart filled with joy “a small step by celebrity mom-to-be, a giant leap for maternity fashion for woman kind ‘ kind of moment. This Oscar nominee for best actress had been on my ‘pregnancy fashion’ radar ever since her purple lace Erdem gown dressing her burgeoning belly at the TNT screen actors guild awards.

Why do I care what she wore you ask? Why does a ‘pro feminist’ ‘anti stereotype’ agitator like me want to ‘objectify women by their clothes, you ask?

Because dressing your baby bump is one of the most ‘pro feminine’ ‘pro feminist ‘ thing to do.
Keira knightley with her high cheek bones and flawless skin is otherwise so skinny that during the promos of her film”pirates of Caribbean” they had to digitally enhance her assets and’fill her up’ . In a world where we are obsessed with size zero, they had to actually ‘fatten her up’. I was never a size zero, not even a size ten pre pregnancy, and so my heart sings in joy when I see a dress /gown worn on the red carpet no less and say “ yup that I can wear!

Celebrity maternity is perhaps the one and only time that the movie stars’ look believably human.
My first tryst with maternity fashion was while watching the telecast of ‘Kate and Williams’ wedding. Victoria Beckham was termed the ‘epitome of maternity chic’ and oh my God! She looked so Posh in her navy shift dress from her own Autumn /winter 2012 collection. She added major glamour with her customised 6 inch Christian Loubotin heels. At 6 months pregnant , she along with Pippa Middleton’s behind were images which stayed with me over the years. Back then I wasn’t even married, but this is one look that I have snagged from the ever fashionable “posh spice” ofcourse I wear my high-low shift dress with my yellow flip flops, because heels should be avoided by us lesser mortal mums to be. I did try to explain to my mother that Victoria beckham wore 6 inches heels, and she should know since it was her fourth pregnancy, but I was grounded with my ground level ballerinas.

Kate middleton too, has turned into quite the maternity fashionista, and so much has been written about what she wears/where she goes/ the sex of her unborn/ names of her unborn, that one cannot help but compare her to her mother in law, the ever stylish Lady Diana.
Incidentally Lady Diana for all her fashion forwardness, never really managed to snag the maternity swagger. I feel that is exactly the problem with a lot of mom-to- be’s these days, especially in India still. They hide behind frumpy frocks, and salwar kameezes, wear billowy dupattas, slouch to hide their bellies.

Ladies, I get it. I was never thin, but wasn’t fat either. But now I am huge. HUGE!!!
I am ALL about the BASS, no TREBLE. We all are.

And guess what, this may be the only time when Fat is in. people will come up and say, oh how cute, or you are glowing, when all you are doing is stuffing your face into another cheese sandwich. The only time you get to wear XXL clothes, and people still go “awww, look at you, you look so pretty.”
If it’s tough for us, I can only imagine how tough it is for the almost anorexic, skin and bones celebrities like Keira and Victoria, but they have embraced it, and how! I applaud these women.

My biggest maternity crush however has been Blake Lively. My Gosh she packed in so much oomph during the women of worth Loreal red carpet event, it was more than all our Indian L’oreal women at Cannes put together. Her ‘to-die-for’ lemon yellow floor length Gucci gown with the plunging neckline made even hubby Ryan Reynolds gush “ I am going to have a beautiful baby.” The press ofcourse went ballistic! The unborn child was said to be “genetically blessed” with such good looking parents.
I trolled her incessantly; what she ate/her beauty secrets/ her website/ her instagram around, I needed to know all, but ofcourse hers was a style difficult to snag.

Another of my female crushes has been Mila Kunis, ever since her smouldering good looks in “black swan” and hers is a maternity look which is totally doable. Relaxed easy going and ‘all black’. What’s not to love.

Ladies, it’s time to revel in your curves. Even if there is only One large curve at the moment. So you went from a size 12 to a 28, this may be the only time you get to wear what Angelina Jolie wore, because we mere mortals may still look frumpy post pregnancy, but these celebs go back to being ‘unattainably gorgeous’ very soon. This is your chance to look like your favourite Pregnant fashion Diva.                               


Nikita Azad said…
At the end of the post, I was hoping to see you rock a fabulous dress and look just as gorgeous as all of them. I hope you're planning that for the next post! :-*
I do nikita azad. some of them you may see on my baby moon pics. some on my fb.there is no guarantee of who sees and uses your pics on a blog so havent posted any here. :)

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