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Stretch marks and baby massages

One of the first things that crossed my mind when the pregnancy was confirmed was STRETCH MARKS!!!

those ghastly white or cblack or tan coloured stripes you earn for having survived the 9 months of pregnancy and then some.

it was time to be proactive, time to bring on the heavy artillery.
major resources tracked, online searches done and it was time to take charge.
Don't put on excessive weight too quickly, aim for a gradual increase in weight and stick within your target weight gain. OK. so tha's where we started, a weekly check on weight and tracking my and the babies growth, on one of Man's worst inventions 'the weighing machine'
Did you know there is a weight tracking app for pregnant women? yup who knew.

next step was keep the skin soft and moist. regular massage with a heavy duty cream/oil was recommended.
Out came the tummy butters, and the certified stretch mark oils. Woah! sticky mess! and in the middle of summer, icky as well. But I kept right on. They said to start in the first trimester itself, and so I did, they said apply 3 times a day and well, I didnt have time for that but managed two times out of three, every other day.

At first i was careful not to overdo around the abdomen region. There were no kick or turns, it was the silent plains of the prairies. But recently as we canter into the third trimester, the baby has turned into the next Neymar.
And from what I gather , it loves being massaged. yes, it is still through layers of amniotic fluid, uterus and abdomen, but while I massage my own tummy, junior does a dance all of it's own. even at this stage they can hear and feel it's said. We play name the baby games, and dance to the latest honey singh track games.
It's a time we both cherish , mother and child.

And I am so looking forward to carrying on our massaging ritual once he/she is born.

Massaging a baby helps to sooth the baby, allowing for better sleep, encourages the central nervous system leading to better adjusted adults in the future along with heightened awareness of their surroundings, reduces colic and constipation,helps build stronger bones, keeps the skin and muscles supple, increases serotonin levels,reduces cortisol levels, helps a mother/child, or Father/child bond, helps reduce anxiety in parents as well.
Wow! so many benefits!

Bring on the baby oil I say!

And that's where my ninja google search skills kick in. Type A personality that I am, I want o know everything, I mean EVERYTHING about what is good for my child.

Turns out that we can be extra careful while feeding our child, and only pure unadulterated mother's milk is the way to go. No preservatives, and no additives, thankyou very much.

Now here is the deal. A babies skin can absorb nutrients as well, and since the surface area is so large a lot of it can be absorbed without us even knowing it. Basically every thing you put on your babies skin, is as good as putting it in his mouth! (That is pretty scary, I know, right?)

Knowing this, there is no mother out there who would willingly put her child through additives and preservatives.

So terms like natural ingredients, organic, cold pressed, free of paraben and parafin, are key words I am looking for in a baby massage oil.

There's tons more where all that info came from, like you want a high in linoleic and relatively low in Oleic acid oil, also something about the ratio of polyunsaturated to monosaturated fats in the baby oil. Natural vegetable oils such as almond and olive are mild enough for the baby, as well as provide the nourishment that the baby needs. Key to a good baby oil is it's hypoallergic nature and absence of any artificial colours, scents and preservatives is key.

I warned you , i can get pretty neurotic about the well being of my child, and the baby is yet to be born!

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But there were many healthy baby born in this world, before 'Google' was born. One of them is You. Without any massages....
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