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mommy mood swings turns one

It is one year to my "birth-day" and snippets of the year gone by are buzzing in my head like bees in a bonnet. the moods are in swing too; nostalgia, funny times, magical moments, and just general gratitude for the year that was.

a few random thoughts that I have right now;

Masterchef Australia: In the last few weeks of pregnancy, Masterchef Australia season 7 was what kept my evenings occupied , it was showing on star world Premier at the time. and on the night of the grand finale I had to check into the hospital, now even though it was a very nice hospital, with almost all channels, since star world premier was a channel one had to specially subscribe to, it wasn't available in my hospital room. that evening while they checked for the fetal movements, little shreyu was kicking away too fast for the nurses comfort, she wanted to recheck the movements in an hour, what I did tell her is that he moved this fast every night, what I didn't tell her was that the food and the cooking on television might have been the reason. Next morning my brother called, and the first question I asked him was who won? and he said "Billy and it was epic!" a year down the line, as little shreyu sleeps, I see Masterchef season 8 on my hotstar app from the comfort of my bed, right next to him, and with my earphones. no television sets required, not even the lights in the room. Things are the same and yet so different.

The boy: For my baby shower on the 3 of May 2015, i bought two foil balloons online, a blue baby boy shaped balloon and a baby girl shaped balloon. since we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. months later when Shreyu was born on 5 August 2015 , my inlaws said that even though the girl shaped balloon had deflated, the baby boy balloon was still the same! Over time they tried to deflate the balloon , but somehow it would not deflate. Now it has been more than a year, and exactly a year since my baby boy has been born, and we still have 'the boy' balloon just the same, without ever having filled air in it! to be honest, now I am getting superstitious about it; it's like a horcrux from Harry Potter, or maybe the balloon and Shreysht have a past life connection.

There are so many more floating thoughts, which I will pen down subsequently.. but right now I have balloons to blow, and cakes to bake, and streamers toput before I sleep.


Jonasjoys said…
Honey, from now on, trying to keep in step with time will be a battle you will face,& must handle it, UR way. But not to worry! Think of me,& just keep going. U'll get there!
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