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the ten second rule

yesterday at a food bloggers meet, i shared my reservations about snapchat and other photo sharing devices where the image disappears after 24 hours.
for me pictures are a way to hold on to an ethereal moment, in an effect to stop time. pic little pieces of my day and store it in my memory in the form of a snapshot. but a device which essentially has intermediate and long term memory loss, fails to support the idea of creating lasting memories.
These apps which allow you to share and forget within the span of a day is like the movie 5o blind dates, in theory it seems a quaint idea, but how frustrating to start all over again, every day!
And then the young chef from Portugal put it in perspective. "every day there are so many images, so much information, I do not want to hold on to it forever, i do not scrolll down to check my own pictures which I have clicked, why will I scroll down to check someone else's previous pictures?"
it makes sense, we just have so much new information coming in every minute, there is no time to savour something that happened a while back, except maybe if it is #throwbackthursday.
And that made me think of how everything is becoming instantly consumable, and almost immediately forgettable.
we want to forget, we don't have enough storage for all the new information to download, so we choose to delete, or have apps delete information for us.
I always thought life was about having memorable moments, apparently now we have so many of those moments, we rather have unmemorable moments, times in our lives when we click share and the delete from memory.
How does one cope with such over information? hundreds of pictures, thousands of images clammoring for our attention, tens of opinions on tens of blogs each wanting to be read, heard, shared, liked, tweeted.
I guess it makes sense when picture sharing apps, self detox, the self cleanse every 24 hours and help you start a fresh every day.
But it is sad. the loss of timelessness, the loss of permanence, it's like the writings on sand, waiting for the tide to wash it away.
sooner or later all memories tend to fade,or atleast dim, but to have it wiped clean , if not from our minds then from atleast our phone memories, and app storages, seem too symbolic of the times we live in. 


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