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Sharing my gifts , my life : Birthday retrospect 2021


Happy 37 Birthday to me ! And for my readers of my annual birthday retrospect, this will be my 13 th year of writing a birthday blog. Wow, what a commitment.

So, what was the one amazing thing I did this year ? I decided, just one fine day – to share .

I started by sharing my food. It was the first time that we were not going home for Durga Pujo, we were in 2020 and the world was in Lockdown, I missed Pujo bhog, and I missedthe general excitement and enthusiasm around Durga pujo. I wanted to call a few friends over and serve them a typical Bengali meal, but we could not call people home- we were deep in N95 masks , and social distancing was in place.

I decided to pack little meal boxes for my friends, and then decided I wanted to share the food with the everyone, and so decided to do a Bengali Pujo POP-UP . I ordered Gobindobhog rice, and kasundi and we made an elaborate menu with Rosogulla , deemer devil, and a non veg menu and a typical pujo bhog menu with khichuri, labda , the works. We had 40 orders, and made 400 rosogullas in those days !

The next pop-up was mishti doi in bhaad for Diwali. A winter pop -up with 5 different greens, mutton, and slow clay pot cooking. A Christmas pop-up with 5 different flavours of pizzokies (pizza cookies), and a holi pop-up with paan marshmallows and marigold gulkand.

I then shared my expertise as an ophthalmologist foodie That brings me to GoldKand , my marigold Gulkand . For almost 2 years now, I have been wondering why we don’t have an edible marigold jam; because not only are marigolds edible, but they are also very rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that are very good for the eyes. By adding marigolds to the diet, we would have one more source of carotenoids. It did really well in Goa, but it doesn’t travel that well. it is live food culture, and needs refrigeration, and so I could not courier it across the country. But,  am so proud of my brand Goldkand. It is still a pet project of mine, and we are on our fourth batch . we launched on January 26, and have taken a break in the monsoon season, because it needs 1 month of fermentation in the sun. it is artisanal small batch marigold gulkand and I am so proud of having created it.

I shared my expertise as an ophthalmologist In December 2020 , I decided to make a reel everyday, and then decided I would make ophthalmology related posts as frequently . in April, one of my Instagram posts went Viral, and I got 2 million views on the post ! people from around the country started to reach out to me with their eye conditions and squint doubts.

I shared my everyday life  In January 2021 , I decided to start a one day vlog of my life, once a month . I would document with time, what I did throughout my day, it was called #keepingupwithkday .

I was so mind blown by my own insight into my days, that I could really like to document how to live a more multidimensional life ; from home, family, work, passions, productivity, mindful living, health and over all happiness. And so in February, I started working on my book- a really practical self help guide for women. Every morning I wrote a little, and finally wrote 40 chapters, in my book titled, multidimensional mom.

But, procrastination on editing got in the way, ofcourse self doubt , and procrastination. And the book took a back seat. But, on this BIRTHDAY I want to Share excerpts and learnings from the different chapters of my book in my new Instagram profile @multidimensional_mom . More about the book on my new Instagram page.

I shared my spiritual journey I started sharing about meditation, and journaling, and chakras on my social media. I even created few youtube videos around chakra meditation and divine feminine and divine masculine. I had offline workshops meditation, and online workshops around the full moon meditation. And all of them inspired me to build my biggest self awareness workshop yet ! Which I launch today and will be happening during Navratri / Durga pujo of 2021. 7 October to 15 October.

The workshop is called AWAKEN YOUR INNER GODDESS with 9 days of intention setting, self awareness practices, and breathwork and embodiment practices, and I am going to simplify these big complicated words, that I learnt; to make self-awareness more accessible for women.

As I write this birthday retrospect blog, I kind of feel bolstered seeing my own journey. To be honest , I was having self doubt – the imposter syndrome of who do I think I am, to the will anyone be interested in what I have to say.

This birthday post made me really introspect on why I share. I like to teach, I want others to experience what I have experienced. I recently did a self awareness course on finding my Dharma , and I relaised that I am an artist and a teacher. And that meant I love the creative arts, I really enjoy creating food, writing stories, painting, but I also like to share them to enrich other lives. I realise the more I teach, the better I get at my own understanding of what I teach- whether it is ophthalmology, or spiritual awakening.

I also share anything that catches my wonder – I wonder what would happen if … or a wouldn’t it be great if… it’s just an experiment of experiences, that I love to share.

Am I a food entrepreneur because I did pop-ups ? Am I a business start up , because I started Goldkand ? am I a life coach because I am now doing my Awaken your inner Goddess workshop ?

No, I don’t think I am any of those – because my intention in all is more from a point of sharing myself , my interests, what I feel will be of value to others. If there is one thing in common in all of my endevours- it is to touch lives.


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