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The Modern Mystic



Welcome to the 9 days Modern Mystic Navratri challenge – a chance for you to reconnect to yourself.

Discover yourself through the mythological stories of the 9 Durgas; Nav Durga.

Reclaim your capacity to dream and create the life of your dreams.

Experience the range of the 9 emotions Navrasa – and learn how to process shame, anger, fear.

Cultivate deep self-compassion for yourself through healing practices on childhood healing and body love.

Unlock your own genius using mindset and embodiment exercises.

Uplevel your capacity to set and achieve goals.

Become more deeply connected to yourself, your purpose, your family and your present.

This is Ascension into your Best, most Favourite version of yourself.

-        One day while meditating on the various forms of Durga, I realised –Goddess Parvati had it TOUGH !

All through her life (actually many lives) she faced challenge after challenge , with no one to talk to, no Mentors to guide her, no Life Coaches to show her a path, and no Sisterhood to support her .

Lord Shiva atleast had Lord Vishnu to jam out life changing ideas with – but Parvati had no one.


I decided that had to change.


I imagined gifting Parvati the best teachers, coaches , mentors, and the best sisterhood a girl could have – and I came up with the Modern Mystic .


So, when Sati is shamed and ridiculed for attending her fathers yagna, and is so embarrassed that she jumps into the fire herself – I gift her Brene Brown, the world’s Leading researcher on Shame to process her shame.

 And when she is eating fallen leaves for 3000 years as Brahmacharini – I gift her Tony Robbins, world’s leading performance and productivity coach to coach her through her tapasya.

And when she is fighting demons, and even drinking a demon’s blood to save humanity, and starts to doubt “am I a demon myself?”, I gift her Carl Jung the leading name in shadow work, to help Parvati embrace her Kaalratri shadow side.


Kaalratri, Brahmacharini and Sati are just 3 of the 9 Avatars of Parvati that we are going to help heal.

 Every year for Navratri – we askDevi  Durga for support and guidance, but from this year can we do the inner work, and give her support and guidance?

And in healing our own Inner Goddess, we will develop – more COURAGE, CLARITY , CONFIDENCE and CONNECTION within ourselves.

It is my deepest belief that when women heal as a collective, as sisters in sisterhood, we can heal both our past and future generations – we can create change much beyond ourselves, we can help heal the world.




We blend Mythology, mindset work and embodied practices .

Each day of Navratri – We will delve into one of the 9 avatars of Durga.

 Everyday there will be a:

-        mythological story

-        followed by mindset work and journaling based on that story,

-         followed by an embodied practice where I will guide you through an activated practice.

The mindset work will range from – Brene Brown’s work around Shame and vulnerability, to Tony Robbins find your purpose journaling, to ancestral wounds and inner child healing.

The Embodied practices will range from – Mama Gena’s sacred rage screaming sessions, to Layla Martin’s yoni healing pussy breathwork.

And here is the best part!

As busy multi passionate women, I have designed the challenge such, that all of the course material will be easily accessible in your email, and will take no more than 40 minutes a day ( 5 minutes to read the MYTHOLOGY, 15 minutes of deep uninterrupted journaling for the MINDSET, 15 minutes to practice the EMBODIMENT PRACTICE, 5 minutes to assimilate it ALL)

A chance for you to slow down, listen to stories,  journal and pour out your thoughts, and take part in deeply activating full body experiences – even if you have a packed festive schedule of Navratri, even if you are traveling, even if you have a young baby at home, or house guests during the 9 days of Navratri.

Think of this as Sacred time to embody your own Sacred Feminine – as we learn from the 9 avatars of Devi Durga.

Course dates: 26 September to 5 October 2022

Basic Course

Upgrade to VIP

Cost Rs 3333

Cost Rs 7000

What do you get

-9 days of mythology, mindset work, journal prompts, and an embodiment practice video daily.

-Whatsapp group of like minded modern mystics and multidimensional women.

-Lifetime access to our Facebook group and whatsapp group.

-Lifetime access to all the videos and course notes.

- You can upgrade to VIP any time during the workshop, but will not get the free tarot session worth Rs 2000.

What do you get

-Everything included in the basic course.

Plus two 1:1 personalised clarity sessions with me ( worth Rs 5000) where I help you apply all you are learning to your own unique life challenges, these video calls help build more confidence, clarity and connection.

-Plus a free tarot session with me on any life question. (worth Rs 2000) IF YOU JOIN as a VIP before end of the 9 days

-Plus a bonus course on Goal setting (worth Rs 2222)

Total worth Rs 11221

Last date of joining:

new batch for Maha shivratri 

Last Date to joining :

Can upgrade anytime till 10 days from joining 


Wait there are MORE gifts !

I want to celebrate the women who know what they want in life, and commit to their dreams! Women who don’t get caught up in the indecision, and decide to choose themselves!

How to enrol? 

Pay via this QR code.

Rs 3333 Modern Mystic basic course or Rs 7000 Modern Mystic VIP upgrade.

Send your name, email address and whatsapp phone number to with subject title ‘I AM IN MMchallenge ‘

Someone from our office will call you to guide you further. Also you will receive a welcome email as well as instructions on how to make the best use of the course!

Any further clarifications can be emailed to or call 8308309418 for any doubts. Connect with me on my instagram page @multidimensional_mom to connect with a tribe of amazing women just like yoursellf.

 This is what some of them have said about previous workshops 




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