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Ready to Realign


Ready to Realign

The unique health and wellness program

– designed for the busy and the ambitious.


-Focuses on building lifestyle habits

-100 micro habits that make you 1% better everyday

-No restrictive diets, no exercise plans, no calorie counting

-Helps you realign and rediscover your own unique body,

-By working to realign your gut health, your response to stressful situations and your unique sleep patterns.

-Helps build immunity, increase longevity, balance hormones, reduce stress, build resilience to handle stress, sleep better, suited for all ages from 6 to 96.

-All course notes in a printable format, all instruction videos online, no restrictive live classes.

-Lifetime access to all course material


Why is health important, especially for the Busy and ambitious?

You value your dreams, goals, aspirations and work hard towards them. You understand the importance of peak health, a state where you can work at your peak performance without feeling burntout and overwhelmed.

 It is time to realise that your body is fighting for you, to make all your dreams come true. It is the ONLY car that is going to get you through the finish line. And for that you need to keep this vehicle, this car, this travel companion for life, in tip-top shape.

Health is also important for you as a woman, because it is not just your health you are worried about. You want your child to be healthy, you want your husband and your parents to live long healthy lives. You want to feel nourished and supported during your pregnancy, and you want to support your hormones, even if you are going through peri-menopause or in post-menopause.

But, there is so much information out there on what is good and bad for your health. The health industry keeps changing, the data keeps changing, what we should be doing, keeps changing. As an ambitious person, you realise you need peak health, but as a busy person, you do not have the time to sift through hundreds of research papers, and figure our what is true and what is fake in the health and wellness world.

Modern marketing makes us feel, that there must be only 2 aspects to good health – eat good diet (whatever that means to you) and workout (whatever that looks like to you )

But, what if I told you diet and exercise are NOT the pillars to good health.

Diet and exercise are pillars to calorie balance and key to weight loss. Many people get confused between Health and weight loss. When we ask them about their health resolutions- they say – yes, I want to lose some weight, I want to lose inches around my waist.

Now, I ask you – why do you want to make your child healthy. Your answer will not be, so he looks slim and narrow waist. You will say something like – Healthy means he/she doesn’t fall ill often, recovers from an illness fast, has lot of energy through the day, is able to concentrate and focus through the day, sleeps on time, eats lots of vegetables, manages his/her stress better.

If I ask you what would health look like for your parents. You would say that they are physically independent, able to sit, stand, move without pain, able to play with grand kids, mentally agile, don’t have blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions which are age related lifestyle diseases. Again realise you are not wishing that they were thinner and had a smaller waist.

And with this I ask you the question – why do you want to be healthy?

The answer would now probably include – so that I have more energy through the day for my busy schedule, so that I can recover from my illness faster and fall ill less, so that I don’t have aches pains and can stay active into my late years, so that I can handle my stressful life better, so that I can concentrate, focus better. Am stronger, have balanced hormones, and look and feel able to achieve all my amazing goals.


Why Ready to Realign is the perfect health program for you.

Ready to Realign concentrates on the 3 pillars to good health – Gut health, Nervous system regulation and sleep.

Gut Health – Gut is everything from your mouth to your anus, all the internal organs related to digestion, assimilation, elimination. Gut health has a huge role to play in hormone balance especially thyroid, cortisol, estrogen, insulin production. Gut bacteria produce 90% of serotonin – serotonin helps stabilise our mood and keeps us happy and calm, helps form melotonin our sleep hormone for faster deeper sleep. Gut microbiome release short chain fatty acids, that help balance our blood sugar, helps to form neuro transmitters. The gut helps reduce inflammation in our body, acne, eczema, allergies and even arthritis is reduced by balancing gut health. Dysfunction in gut health reduces immunity, can cause auto immune conditions like hashimotos, lupus, ulcerative colitis.

Nervous system regulation – The gut and the nervous system has a direct and indirect connection through the Vagus nerve, enteric nervous system, hormones, and indirect neuro transmitters. Our nervous system controls our response to daily stress, and everything in life that threatens our existence. Sometimes we are unable to differentiate between real threat and perceived threat. Like a fight with spouse, stress at work, memories of past losses, fears of what the future holds, all of these keep us in a CHRONIC STRESS STATE. Being able to manage, regulate, stabilise and seamlessly go from high stress situation to a calm centered ventral vagus state is what we learn inside Nervous system regulation. This in turn balances our hormones like Cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, oestrogen, thyroid hormones. It also leads in reducing chances of heart attacks, and strokes, central obesity related to hormone imbalnces. Also helps you to take on bigger challenges in life – as a busy ambitious person- you get to chase after your massive dreams, without harming your health.

Sleep regulation- Sleep is the Master realigner of the body. It helps reset your system, recover, heal, mend, stabilise, and also manufacture all the important proteins, chemicals, hormones that the body needs to function through the day. It is aptly called the best nootropic, best stress relief, best trauma release, emotional equaliser, immune booster, hormone augmentation available to us. By helping the body get the best quality and quantity of sleep, we help the body realign itself.

 Now that you realise why I have chosen these 3 KEY PILLARS TO GOOD HEALTH


Let me explain the 3 pillars by which we will achieve the goal of realigning to better gut health, nervous system regulation and better sleep.

1.      Importance of Habits and processes

2.      Closing the loop, and understanding the connection between all three systems

3.      Goal setting and accountability

Habits and processes – Inside Ready to Realign we realise the importance of small steps, over time, compounding to big change. This is not a 1 month quick fix, this is a lifetime improvement of your health. We concentrate on cascade habits, habits that affect more than one system inside the body and has multiple benefits( eg. Chewing your food extremely well while eating). We also concentrate on domino habits; habits that make other habits easier to follow through (eg no screen time while eating ). We also work on compounding habits over time.

Closing the loop – Inside ready to Realign we realise that our body and its systems are interconnected. We cannot treat one part without addressing the other issues. We cannot reduce junk food eating, and our addiction to sweet and salty food without addressing our emotional eating habits so we have an EFT TAPPING to accept our emotional overeating habit. We realise the importance of indoor plants in the bedroom to improve air quality while sleeping, and have a chart on indoor plants. We realise how the Vagus nerve is the largest part of the enteric nervous system, and gut health depends on Vagus nerve stimulation and vice versa, and we have an entire video module on the Vagus nerve. We have an entire video module to handle the 4 key neuromodulators in the brain, your dopamine, serotonin, because your sleep cycle depends on it, also your mood depends on it. Videos on Wim Hof breathing, Qi Gong exercises, recipes and supplements that support multiple body systems.

Goal setting and accountability – Inside ready to realign we understand how even the best intentions and meticulous plans, all depend on execution and action. And so we have the most lucid workbook, filled with habit trackers for each day for each of the modules, a beginners daily bio hacking habit tracker that will shift the needle in the first 10 days of starting the program itself. Also, a special Goal setting bonus module worth Rs 2000 absolutely free (for VIP ).

Basic Ready to realign plan

VIP Ready to Realign plan

Rs 5555       (actual price 7444)

Rs 10000                 (actual price Rs 19444)

-         Printable PDF workbook

-         Habit trackers

-         30 training videos

-         Internal audit sheet, beginners biohacking

-         Bonus notes on sugar deaddiction, whole body detox, antinutrients, ayurvedic supplements, anti-ageing and skin care ( worth Rs 2000)

-         Lifetime membership inside the Multidimensional soul sisterhood community with whatsapp group and FB group


-         Everything from the Basic plan plus

-         1:1  sessions with me. 2 sessions of 45 minutes, where we discuss your individual health issues and work on internal audit. Also helps keep you accountable ( Rs 10000)

-         Bonus Goal setting and accountability workshop (Rs 2000)

-         You can upgrade to VIP anytime within 3 weeks of purchasing R2R workshop.

To join contact 8308309418

or DM me on Instagram @multidimensional_mom

To Join contact 8308309418

or DM me on Instagram @multidimensional_mom


Payment Via UPI to Dr Kuheli Bhattacharya 

Now a little about me.

My name is Dr Kuheli Bhattacharya, I am an opthalmologist, a surgeon with a busy and ambitious life. As a medical student in one of the prestigious medical colleges in India, I could see how the pressures of my dreams and goals were playing havoc with my health, I had IBS and vagal syncope, was tested by multiple specialists in my own alma mater. The diagnosis – it is psychosomatic. Just, eat well, exercise and do some meditation – was the advice I was given. To be fair, back then maybe the information on gut health, nervous system regulation was not available (all that I teach is cutting edge, new medical research). And yet, I still see multiple health professionals, nutritionists and health coaches missing the link of these 3 keys to good health.

Today, as a life coach to Busy ambitious women – I help them live magnificent multidimensional lives – with ease, energy and excitement. And I realised I cannot give them that lifestyle without addressing their fatigue and burnout due to health issues. What could I have achieved if my mind and body were in peak health? What could I achieve now in my peak mind and body health? How can I help every individual who feels that they want the magnificent Multidimensional lifestyle, but somehow their body is unable to keep up with their big dreams ?

 80% of my clients of R2R till now have been doctors. I take that as a good sign. It means they realise the importance of what I am teaching. They realise how we were not taught this in medical college, atleast not in this way. They realise how this information can change their lives and the lives of their patients. Also they understand and appreciate the scientific soundness of the material and research.

The way I teach inside R2R is simple for people with no medical or scientific background. This information I share inside R2R is worth thousands, but more importantly it is worth your health, your families heath. And it would be my privilege and honour to share my knowledge with you inside R2R.


When can You join? At anytime. The day you decide to change your health. You know, when you know ! If you have read till this far, you know the time is right for you !

Here is what People are saying about Ready to realign

I was dealing with 70 to 100 covid patients in the month of Jan when the course began and then eventually my entire family was down with covid. It was the most stressful period for me,with no help,balancing work and house chores and child chores was such a challenge. I was so low, depressed, lost. But the Vagal exercises which I began to do after that period of stress however, was the best way for coping really. EFT, tapping exercises, 8 silken braids, simple things like applying ice on my face, taking a cold shower did give me instant relief from my stressors. – Darshana


I had many AHA moments inside ready to realign. I had read about the connection of gut to nervous system, However Ready to Reaign provided indepth and insightful information on these vast topics individually and that was fantastic. – Ambika


I had been suffering since my father passed away. I did not know I was stuck in Dorsal vagal , I was hiding from my family and my emotions. I had stopped taking interest in my hobbies and my work was suffering. After the dorsal vagal breathwork, I finally cried and felt so much better. I now do the earthing, and EFT tapping. My favourite part was the Nervous system module. I am sleeping better now. – Anonymous


I suffered from bloating, acne and was diagnosed as PCOD and IBS by my doctor. I joined Ready to Realign to learn more about gut health, and this workshop has been an eye opener. I started with walking after food, and also no screen time with food, these were simple but very difficult for me. My skin is clear, and also my periods have become regular since starting gut health. Taking Omega 3 supplement was very helpful. Thankyou maam for your indepth workshop. – Sneha


I had migraines and Dr Kuheli said the Ready to Realign workshop will help. Within 1 week of starting, I stopped dairy, and started magnesium supplement. I enjoyed the sleep module . I also bough many plants for the first time. I now enjoy a warm bath in evening as suggested in program. It really helps me. I have started it for my children as well. My mother I started on magnesium also, after consulting Dr Kuheli. God Bless. – Loveena







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