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The Feminine Awakening



The Feminine Awakening


A delicious, immersive, experiential workshop that celebrates what it means to be a woman.

14 Days of Awakening your senses and spirituality, and stretching your definition of yourself. 

Daily emails with instructions.

Daily Videos you can watch at your own pace and pleasure.

Daily Journaling prompts.


Membership into the exclusive Multidimensional Soul Sisterhood

Awaken your Inner Goddess workbook downloadable PDF

WhatsApp group support for 15 days. daily check-ins 

Discounts and special offers on all future workshops.


Designed for the busy woman, to lead a life of ease, energy and excitement. 

Stress-free exuberant viewing, learning and experiencing - from the comfort of your own home.


Basic plan Rs 4444 (worth Rs 8888)


VIP plan Rs 7000 (worth Rs 16888)

14 day of awakening

9 different self discovery practices, like chakras, yin yang, inner child, shadow work, moon magic, embodiment, water meditation, pleasure practice guided visualisation (Rs 5555)

9 different femine avatars and the alchemy of archetypes (Rs 3333)

Life time access to course material

Workbook PDF (Rs 1000)

Moon calendar

Membership into the Multidimensional soul sisterhood (priceless)

Everything from the basic plan


Plus 1:1 sessions where I and you will discuss your own personal struggles, and issues, and a chance for you to have a private coaching/meditation/tarot session with me. (two 45 min sessions worth Rs 5000)


Bonus workshop on Goal setting (Rs 2000)


Bonus workbook sheets (Rs 1000)


You can upgrade any time in the 14 days from joining.



To Join The Feminine Awakening 

-        Call / Message 8308309418 / 9823779816

-        DM on Instagram @multidimensional_mom

-        Email –


To Pay UPI payment / Gpay to 9823779816 

here is what some previous participant testimonials. This is my first workshop I created, my most loved workshop across all my workshops. This is my signature workshop. There is no better way to step into the world of Feminine Energy that this initiation course. 


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