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The Feminine Awakening


5 Elements of the Feminine Energy And why it is so difficult for the Modern Woman to access them

EMBODIMENT – Embodiment in simple terms, means to exist in your body, to feel and experience life through our bodies. It is a feminine super power. Embodiment is also one of the key secrets to Law of Attraction, and manifestation. Every book on Manifestation talks about – think- act-feel as if you already have it, well you can’t do it without the secret element of embodiment. To feel emotions in every cell of your body.

 If it is so important, and most women CAN access it,then  why is it so difficult for modern women to live embodied?

It is because of 4 reasons,

 One is because we have been socialised to hate our bodies, to be ashamed of our boobs, our periods, our butt, our bellies, and it is not just in public, but we hide and cringe at ourselves even in the privacy of our homes. We barely look at ourselves, except to criticise some aspect of our body we don’t like. This causes dissociation from our body, numbness even when we touch ourselves.

Second is because we have been taught to value our mind, our brain more. To be praised for how our body moves is cheap, embarrassing, shameful; but to be praised for our brain, makes us feel proud.

Third, The modern woman is always in her head, I was and am, always in my head. ‘ What’s for dinner, child’s school project, groceries to buy, work things, family issues, society gossip’ everything just swirling in the head.We don’t have time to be embodied ! embodiment doesn’t pay the bills, and organise the work force !

Fourth, is patriarchy, Patriarchy has made us believe a woman’s body is only for a man’s pleasure, and modern women feel that the best way to beat the patriarchy, is to stop valuing their own bodies. Do you see the irony in that?

WE need to RELEARN how to feel in our bodies. One embodiment practice at a time. One day at a time.

FLOW AND TRANSFORM – Flow and Transform is again a Feminine energy Super power. Just like how the moon changes shape, the feminine changes her hormones, and with that her moods change, her energy level changes, even her weight changes!

But we as modern women feel annoyed, irritated, and restricted by this flow and change.

 Just like water the feminine can take the shape of the container she is in. But many mis-interpret this as docile weak energy. Most women have become so comfortable in the containers they have been poured in that it is unimaginable that they can be the rain, the storm, the waterfall, or the ocean, they don’t even think the Ocean and the glass of water have anything in common, they are scared to try something new, to try and transform.

We will need to accept our own flow, we will need to then understand the different forms that the feminine can take, and try them out, each one of them, all 10 avatars, one at a time, and realise that each season of a woman is different. Every month she will be reborn, and that is a gift. Every month she bleeds and does not die, and that is magical.

COMMUNITY- Community is a feminine super power. We work better together, we love company, we love collaboration. But, women have been pitted against women for far too long. It is called the sisterhood wound. Where we feel other women are competition, where other women are not to be trusted, where women bitch about each other and tear each other down.

 Now, competition is a super power for the Masculine, the masculine thrives in competition, it makes them better, makes them rise to the occasion, brings out the warrior and protector in them, is excellent, builds sportsmanship, they bond over competition, they win and lose and then brush themselves off and laugh and compete again. BUT that’s the masculine. And we have been raised in a patriarchy. We think women need to do the same thing.

But we take competition as a threat, we were built for collaboration and helping each other. And we fail at competitive world, and blame ourselves, or we excel at the competitive world, become masculine in a masculine patriarchial world, and think we won, but we actually lost our feminine element of community.

Want to be able to start healing from this sisterhood wound? Can you imagine a world more built around community and collaboration, rather than competition? We are not just doing this for ourselves, this will heal human relationships and may even end wars.

DESCENSION – Descension, can only be understood when one sees its opposite – ascension. Ascension in short is moksha, is giving up on worldly pleasures and worldly relations and living the life of a saint. A saint is someone who has no strong feelings for any human being,he can leave everything and go to the mountains for meditation, and live a solitary, isolated, life in search of God and Higher Beings. Ascension for the most part has been what has been the ‘goal’ for all humans. Ascend and meet with God.

Descension on the other hand, says God is within us, God is within other humans, the way to bond with God, is to have strong feelings, to dive deep and completely into the pleasures and pains of living this human experience, that pleasure is the purpose to life and the way to God.

 Descension teaches us to have strong family bonds with other humans especially our families. It is the reason why the feminine was left looking after the kids, while Rama and Buddha decided to absolve themselves from their offsprings.

Ascension is a life of detachment, descension is a life of attachment. And as Modern women, living in a society that criminalises descension, we hate our own descension. We hate that we feel so much, love so deeply, we don’t want to feel physical pleasure because we have only seen it from the lens of patriarchy and porn.

Descension is connecting to the Earth, and earth’s energy. It keeps us grounded and connected.

Yes, descension is not easy for the modern woman. So much conflict, so different from the spiritual ascension we have been taught to follow. But, descension is going to alchemise your pleasure. Is going to magnetise all your dreams and desires and especially Earthly things like fame and money and people and amazing experiences into your life. The purpose of our lives is pleasure.

Ready to learn this at a deeper level?

SURRENDER – Surrender, the toughest Feminine element. Because it is so misunderstood. Surrender is not giving up. Giving up comes from expecting the worst will happen, but surrender is expecting the best to happen and trusting that the universe will provide us everything for our highest good.

Let me explain with analogy of a restaurant. When we go to a restaurant, and we order ‘chef’s special’ that is surrender. Or you order butter chicken, but then trust the universe chef to make a good butter chicken.

Now, as modern women we either love to micro manage our lives or completely give up.

It is ‘our way-  or the highway’. I know this because I do this all the time!

Now imagine a micro-managing order. You order butter chicken, but don’t trust the chef, and say you want it boneless, less cream, not too sweet, and ask hundreds of other questions and specifications.

Or the other spectrum, you think you don’t deserve to ask for something nice to eat, and so you just say ‘get me anything, anything will do’. Secretly you want to say ‘I want the chef’s special !’ but you ask for ‘anything will do’ and that is not surrender, that is giving up on yourself and the universe. 

 Surrender is knowing you deserve the best, knowing the universe and the people in it are capable of giving you the best, asking for the best, and then NOT micromanaging the outcome.

I personally want to micromanage. If I want butter chicken, I will buy my own chicken and cook it to my perfect specifications. Most modern women do that. And we feel so empowered. But, soon we feel burnt out, so irritated at everyone else for not making butter chicken for us. We blame others for not helping us. The hard truth is, we don’t trust enough, we feel horrible to let go, it is hard to surrender.

But, relearning surrender is the gateway to living a life of cocreation with the universe, of having a life of ease, energy and excitement. Of asking for amazing things, and living in gratitude for all that is provided, rather than nit-picking on what is wrong and micromanaging every outcome.

Are you ready to start trusting ? Are you brave enough to surrender?

I know much of what you read above is RADICAL.

It is so different from what you have learnt and done in your life.

I love my thoughts and thinking, how can I trust my body?

I like structure and stability, how can I flow and change?

I believe in ascension and believe detachment (moksha) is the way, and now you are telling me that descension and attachment (maya) is the feminine way?

I like the idea of community, but also believe it is unrealistic!

I like being in control, I have been taught to keep it in control, and now you are asking me to trust in sureender!

I know it is crazy, and mad, and radical and maybe blasphemous – but if you are curious.

If you are thinking, hey what if we tried it this way?

What if I explored my feminine energy?

I invite you to my 14 days workshop The Feminine Awakening .

Where we learn new facets of our Feminine, where we unlearn each day.

At the very least it is going to be an interesting life experience, something you can look back and marvel at your own courage to experience something new.

Or, on the other side, it could radically shift your life, change the trajectory of your life, change your destiny, and all the lives you are connected to.


The Feminine Awakening


A delicious, immersive, experiential workshop that celebrates what it means to be a woman.


14 Days of Awakening your senses and spirituality, and stretching your definition of yourself. 


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