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for those who believe i don't seem to have a sense of humor or am too depressingly morbid.. my other blog ANGST!!??? and that is suppossed to be non depressing??? i crack myself up..he he

take my hand

'take my hand' those three words,words which made the difference all the difference. Supriya stood quavering on the ledge of the balcony,looking down 15 floors.She had been quite sure,that today she would end her life.She had never been sure about anythung in her life .always the confused lost girl,who cud not make up her mind abt the pink dress or the blue top to mwear to college.even in the college canteen she could not make up her mind abt the paneer masala or dal fry..she could not choose her masters degre..nor could she decide which movie to watch..But when faced with the choice of life and death-she had chosen death. in al of her indecisive life this had been the only decision she had ever made. standing on the ledge,gave her the confidence she never felt in all of her 20 years of 'worthless life'.so why was she still holding on to the balcony railing?all she had to do was let go and be free-so what held her back? it was the words of the fireman standing b

the cracked mirror

The mirror is cracked! it's just a small crack, just a silvery gray line.. the images are still clear the reflection undistorted. a countless times i have looked in it, and even today the image i see is the same. the mirror is cracked, but it's just a small crack, in the corner, so why am i bothered? if only the mirror was broken.. i would have put the pieces back together.. the jagged shards of glass would have cut my fingers. with bleeding fingers i would have glued my mirror back. the images would then, no longer have been clear, the reflection would surely have been distorted.. but piece by piece i would have put my mirror back together.. ALAS!!the mirror is CRACKED, not broken. nothing has changed and yet ,for me, everything has changed- and the saddest part is- ' u cant repair a crack'. this poem in many ways speaks of human relation ships gone awry, relationships where ppl have drifted apart.things have changed .but the change is so subtle and seemingly insignifi