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the war against sleepless nights

Some time back I used to face a dilemma about whether to use a rejuvenating radiance night cream or an age-defying repairing night cream: now I don’t need to choose, now I just reach out for the odomos mosquito repellent cream. The past few weeks have seen a humongous rise in the population of mosquitoes in Madurai. It’s pretty much all we think and talk about. We wake up groggy, we reach late to work, we are grumpy amongst friends and we have little patience with our patients, we have solely the mosquitoes to blame. Of course we have found new and innovative ways to deal with them as well. So when the good-night “active” with XTRA power, and new and improved odomos, and medicated mosquito nets have stopped working we bring out the Bhrama-asthra – the mosquito bat. It’s a tennis racquet shaped electrified bat which is used to zap the mosquitoes. Gone are the days of the fly swatter, the new age mosquito bat is faster, and more effective. It not only zaps the pesky things but ef