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The half empty glass

It is better to have your glass half full,so that you can choose what to fill the rest of the glass with. This thought dawned upon me at 7 am as I filled my bucket for a morning bath.It's always better to fill the bucket half way with hot water so that one can alter the temperature of the remaining water by mixing cold/warm water. Now if the bucket was too full then some of the water would have to be spilled , and that is never a good thing in this age of water conservation. Now If I had a half glass of water,I could choose to mix the rest with fruit concentrate, soda or liquer.I could choose to fill it with ice, a few mint leaves, toss in a few lemon pieces... and by the time I would be done with it, it would stop being just a half filled glass of water, but a glass filled with creative ingenuity. Or if I had a half glass of milk , I would add coffe and sugar and whisk up a cold coffee.In fact its easier to whisk half glasses of milk than glasses which are brimmimg over w