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Put your flags up in the sky

It was in the initial stages of the Fifa world cup tournament and we were enjoying it at one of the many beautifully decked up restaurants around panjim city. This particular place, like many others had a huge screen, and also lots of tiny flags of all the countries that had reached the 32 team stage. So there we sat in the midst of 32 different flags fluttering overhead, when wee decided to play the guessing game. Guess the country by the countries flag. Seems pretty simple , isn’t it. Well my general knowledge was going to take a serious ego bruising when I realised that I could manage just a hand full. Now there’s Switzerland, and that’s easy because they draw it on a few dairy cheese, a few chocolates, and duh! Swiss army knives! USA was a dead give away considering all the magazines have American models wearing their flag on their bags, shirts, bikinis, and tattoos. As we started to struggle after maybe 5 really easy ones, it was time to turn to google. Wow, brazil has a cri