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Life... astonishes !

Life .. astonishes! just when you thought that your mundane existence,did not have any scope of the unexpected, life serves a googly ,at full toss ..and you are bowled over.. Fact is so much more interesting than fiction. Fiction is limited by imagination , by thought ,by what we know.. Life is beyond imagination, beyond what we know . Life reminds that there is so much, so much more to know, to experience , to live. It's as if God is saying -this life.. this is my play ground, my creation, who dares go forth.. In contrast, imagination and thought are our creation, they speak of our dreams and aspirations and flaws. they are inherently human. Life on the other hand is Godly! So why this sudden change of heart in a girl who lives in a dream land, who is absorbed in her bown world of make belief? Ensconced in my limited imagination, Life just seemed too dangerous a game to play. Life with it's unexpected, literally grabbing you by the throat and dragging you into reality! Maybe ,

What colour is your world?

I was reading about a medical condition where people are colour blind. and then there is a condition where people see the whole world in a single colour.. shades of a colour actually.. most comonly blue.. And it got me thinking.. if I were to see the world in just one colour what would it be.. Now mind you this isn't the same thing as , 'what is your favourite colour?' since my favourite colour is red ,but I wouldn't want to see the world in red. It would be gory. Maybe shades of brown? Like living in a sepia toned world.. an old world movie.. or seeing the world through Raybans? Maybe pink..a rose tinted world.. or yellow give a sunny outlook.. greys and blacks are out ..too passe.. orange and lavender are too OTT.. hmm i am yet to decide.. Till then i live in my technicolour dreams..