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I met almost every nationality at a doctor's clinic

On my very first day as an International fellow at the New york eye and ear infirmary of Mount Sinai, I was introduced to the HIPAA law. and even though the video was fun and colourful, the underlying message was clear, protect patient privacy at all cost. That translated to no undue talking to patients, no divulging of information outside of the necessary, no taking pictures, no copying of patient information files. As a foreigner, I was not to take back any patient information back with me to India. So clicker happy me has no selfies with the cute patients I saw, unfortunately, but I still have my thoughts and observations, which I am free to share without violating any HIPAA laws. At Dr  C's clinic I saw the whole world go by in terms of country , colour and class. India has a diverse population too, but we are only a small microcosm, when it comes to the world citizens who live in New York. this is what I thought of all the nationalities I saw. The black America