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mommy mood swings :What every woman wants

Mommy mood swings series 6: what every woman wants. An eye lash had fallen on my cheek, and my friend asked me to make a wish. As I put the fallen eye lash on the back of my hand, closed my eyes and blew on the lash, I fervently wished my deepest desires came true. “What did you wish for?” asked the friend. “I asked for a maid.” ‘A male ? ‘he replied.’ As in a baby boy?’ “no no. I don’t have any such desires. As long as my child is healthy , happy and well adjusted , I don’t have any gender preference. MAID! I want a maid, someone who will look after my child when I go to work, an Au pair, a nanny, someone!” You know that saying, behind every successful man there is a woman, well behind every successful woman there is a house help.   When we finally revealed to our friends about the impending bundle of joy, most began with' awww, wow congrats,' to immediately following it up with a "you must start searching for someone to help you. It was such a uni

Stretch marks and baby massages

One of the first things that crossed my mind when the pregnancy was confirmed was STRETCH MARKS!!! those ghastly white or cblack or tan coloured stripes you earn for having survived the 9 months of pregnancy and then some. it was time to be proactive, time to bring on the heavy artillery. major resources tracked, online searches done and it was time to take charge. Don't put on excessive weight too quickly, aim for a gradual increase in weight and stick within your target weight gain. OK. so tha's where we started, a weekly check on weight and tracking my and the babies growth, on one of Man's worst inventions 'the weighing machine' Did you know there is a weight tracking app for pregnant women? yup who knew. next step was keep the skin soft and moist. regular massage with a heavy duty cream/oil was recommended. Out came the tummy butters, and the certified stretch mark oils. Woah! sticky mess! and in the middle of summer, icky as well. But I kept right o