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Birthday Retrospect - My year of Expansion

  Happy Birthday to me. For the past 15 years I have loved writing this annual Birthday retrospect. It’s like this notch on the wall of time where I mark out my growth, very much like how I mark my son’s height on the wall on his birthday. It is this sacred pause, that I take each year, to remind myself ‘Aah this is where I am, I am here.’ And each year before I write my birthday blog, I read the previous years blog, just to see the character arc of my life story. This year 2023 , has been an absolute – unimaginable year of Expansion. I was thinking, 38 year old 2022 me could NEVER have predicted how far I would come in just 1 year by my 39 birthday.   And then, I read my birthday blog from last year about ANT- FRAGILITY, and I realised that if there was anyone who had already predicted my unpredictable growth, then it was my 2022 self ! An excerpt from last years blog “Resilience is about surviving and recovering despite a difficult situation. Anti – fragility is about