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The Modern Mystic

    Welcome to the 9 days Modern Mystic Navratri challenge – a chance for you to reconnect to yourself. Discover yourself through the mythological stories of the 9 Durgas; Nav Durga. Reclaim your capacity to dream and create the life of your dreams. Experience the range of the 9 emotions Navrasa – and learn how to process shame, anger, fear. Cultivate deep self-compassion for yourself through healing practices on childhood healing and body love. Unlock your own genius using mindset and embodiment exercises. Uplevel your capacity to set and achieve goals. Become more deeply connected to yourself, your purpose, your family and your present. This is Ascension into your Best, most Favourite version of yourself. -         One day while meditating on the various forms of Durga, I realised –Goddess Parvati had it TOUGH ! All through her life (actually many lives) she faced challenge after challenge , with no one to talk to, no Mentors to guide her, no Life Coaches