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It's funny , how people ,when they are told to keep the city clean, or not to spit, smoke in public ,turn a complete deaf ear to these suggestions , but if asked to throw stones at a bus, or assault railway entrance candidates.. they dont need to be told twice. It's funny really, because the same man may ask good of people, may ask for upliftment of people , but no one heeds, but ask people to strike out at another human being, and there is no stopping them. this makes me believe that, it is not who says it, that matters.. we can not put one person in jail for instigating people, because it is not 'who ' said it that matters , but 'what' they said that matters. The twin towers were destroyed, but the catching of Bin Laden , or the end of al quaida will not end it.. Nuns are being gang raped, and made to walk the streets .. temples are destroyed... the deccan queen burnt down.. property destroyed.. terror and vandalism cannot be credited to a single person or per

dark adaptation.

In ophthalmology , we have a term called dark adaptation , it is the time that the eyes take to adjust to a dark or dimly illuminated room, after coming from a well illuminated surrounding. for example entering a movie hall, or when the lights go out.. dark adaptation is the function of the rod cells in the eyes, where a complex chemical reaction takes place and there is regeneration of 11-cis retinal from all-trans retinal. now, as i was reading all of the dark adaptation mechanism, i found that i have a problem , not on entering a movie hall, but once the movie was over ... a sudden sense of bereftment.. let me explain, once in a movie theatre , you are carried away into the imaginary world of the actors, and so enthralled is one in their events that once the movie ends, and realiy bites, it takes some time to hit ground takes time to adapt to the every day troubles, of work, studies, in general. It is for a fleeting moment but ,i think , it happens to every on

the dynamics of a break up

For sometime now i have been studying the dynamics of break ups..not the why's and how's of the reason for two people to end the relation ship , but actually delving on the psych of the people involved ..namely the DUMPER and the DUMPEE..the dumper is the person who ended the relationship, the person who dumped. and the dumpee is the person who got dumped.. now breaking up is an emotionally wraught situation...where one person gets blamed and there is a lot of general un happiness, for a love that ended before forever. the dumpee, is sad, feels let down, wallows in self pity. has a dozen shoulders to cry on ..even the dumper's best friend will come to concole, or sympathise. the song on music channels, and the radio know exactly what you are going through .. i will survive.. un break my heart.. alvida..akhiri alvida... almost all atif aslam and mohd rafi songs..!!! the dumpee gets away with eating as much and drinking as much as they want , all to drown their sorrows.. en