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Giving the gift of sight : Santiago march 2016

When Dr Campolattaro mentioned if I would like to join a group of ophthalmologists on their mission to save sight in the Dominican republic, the first thing I did was look up DR on the map. I knew it was somewhere in the Caribbean and below Cuba. Now, the only two things that I knew about Cuba were Cuban cigars and Fidel Castro, and I knew even lesser about the Dominican Republic. our volunteer crew t shirts, fashioned after the trusty snellen charts. The ILAC centre is built around this beuatiful chapel The Voluntary health Program was started 20 years back by the Della Rocco family, and joined by a dedicated group of friends and volunteers which grows with every passing year, they have been able to make substantial difference to the impoverished in Santiago, Dominican Republic. In a perfect synergy between the local and the foreign, they carry out an almost seamless partnership with ILAC the institute of latin American concern in Santiago. It is