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The Gift of Gratitude

 The Gift Of Gratitude Does being grateful take work? Is gratitude a learnt reflex? Honestly, I didn’t think so. I thought being thankful was just an instinctive reaction to something good happening to you. But, turns out being thankful is something you can learn, and it can change your life. In India we don’t have an attitude of Gratitude. Part of it stems from our belief that we need not give thanks to near and dear ones, and by thanking someone you are indirectly implying that you are indebted to them. If you thank someone you might have heard words like “ Arey Arey hame dhanyawad kehke, hume Sharminda na kare “ Don’t embarrass me by thanking me. Or the “ Is mein thankyou kaisi ji? Ye to Hamara farz tha.” This was my duty, no need to thank me. And over time we start to believe in these humble platitudes. We start to believe that we are ENTITLED to people’s kindness, that by thanking them, we might actually be embarrassing them. And so, we just lose the ability to show gratitude, and

Ready to Realign

  Ready to Realign The unique health and wellness program – designed for the busy and the ambitious.   -Focuses on building lifestyle habits -100 micro habits that make you 1% better everyday -No restrictive diets, no exercise plans, no calorie counting -Helps you realign and rediscover your own unique body, -By working to realign your gut health, your response to stressful situations and your unique sleep patterns. -Helps build immunity, increase longevity, balance hormones, reduce stress, build resilience to handle stress, sleep better, suited for all ages from 6 to 96. -All course notes in a printable format, all instruction videos online, no restrictive live classes. -Lifetime access to all course material   Why is health important, especially for the Busy and ambitious? You value your dreams, goals, aspirations and work hard towards them. You understand the importance of peak health, a state where you can work at your peak performance without feeling bu