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tisrio manzil..

connoisers of fine dining have held oysters in very high esteem... the shelled sea food, not only is the origine of lustrous pearls , but have been known to be delicious food items.. well so they say.. The illustrous Vir sanghvi describes oyeters as the taste of the sea, some lesser metaphorical descriptions have been..chewy, sweet, slimy... and this was enough reason for my curiosity to be piqued.. here i was wondering how to sample my oyster so as to add to my world experiences, and give my own expert comments. i did come across oysters on many a buffet menu..but they looked inedible, lying there on a bed of ice...UNCOOKED! they just looked to alive to was as if they would start moving inside my mouth , a prospect not very appetising, and so i passed on my chance to sample this particular delicacy , and labelled it as just another acquired taste of the aristrocratic taste bud.. I have recently moved to goa , and they have a dish called tisrio, which is a dish made of shell f

a hole new world....

i remember the time , i was contemplating buying a littmann stethoscope... and was totally dissuaded since , i have a tendency of losing things... over the years i have lost more things than i ever hope to find... a litmann costs around 2000 ..and that is too much of a responsibility , my friends and parents said. luck, or should i say destiny would have it.. i am now the proud owner of a heine beta 200 ophthalmoscope..and it costs{hold your breath} 13000 rupees!!! the sheer responsibilty ! the over whelming need to always be aware of it, taking care of it.... as a frind put it, you now have a baby and you must cradle your ophthalmoscope close to your heart..! an ophthalmoscope is used to view the inside of the eye..the posterior chamber as we call it.. the optic disc and blood vessels... it's like a whole new world inside the eye.. this is one of the only place in the body where we can actually visualise the blood vessels and their status. and because of this reason , an

messing up

i messed up... it's difficult to live with the truth that one can make mistakes , it's harder still to be reminded of them. life is like an exam and u r tested all the time and , i mean ALL THE TIME. each decision you make , knowingly or unknowingly is , actually, a choice that you make between other given options. and sometimes you make mistakes. As a junior resident, in ophthalmology, every day, every patient, every consultants ward rounds, seem like an exam , a test, and each day i'm faced with a viva. and as viva exam goes...u r bound to make mistakes. I didn't examine a patient, didn't send some investigation.. wrote wrong findings.... let's just say i messed up.tudent..and life was exams.. today i'm a doctor, and yet it all seems like an exam, and someone is keeping count. but it's just been a week , and slowly the student will be lost and a doctor will emerge... but i will still mess up... till today i was a student, a medical s