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let there be light !

Looking back at my childhood years, the festival times seem to shine out like brilliant twinkling stars in the distant past. Buying new clothes during Durga Puja, the colourful pinwheels whirling like crazy as we ran down the streets, the brilliantly decorated pandals, and the coming together of family, even as the last days of navratri drew near and we chanted ‘aasche bochor aabar hobe’ during visarjan, the heart gladly skipped ahead to the Diwali celebrations close at hand, again the new clothes, the lighting of lamps, visiting friends homes and Diwali sweets, but again as the last ‘anaar ‘ was lit and the fountain of light sparkled down, we looked forward to the coming of Christmas, the annual visit by Santa claus, the decorating of the Christmas tree. Life was interspersed by bursts of joyous celebration, and we skipped along from republic day parades, to Lohri, to sankranti, and pongal, and Holi and Easter and Eid, not really caring for religion or region for a reason to celebra

Fashion @ IFFI 2014

This was my first fashion blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The international film festival of India is a great way to meet people and interact. one gets to meet people from different parts of the world, and India, and one of the best ice breakers, I realised is asking them to pose for a pic for the blog. fun , fun , fun. yes, the article got printed in Navhinfd times and looks amazing there (find it on twitter #IFFI2014 )  here is the article with behind the scene pics ;) International film festivals have always been about great film and great fashion, sometimes more about the fashion and less about the movies. Take the cannes film festival, we’ve loved and sometimes loved to hate what Aishwarya Rai has worn on the red carpet. Remember the tizzy behind Mallika sharawats thigh slit lehenga outfit? and how can we possibly forget the time when the humble nose ring walked the red carpet, a small step by Sonam Kapoor, was a giant leap for Indian fashion that year. All hail t