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Mario in the playground

A few days back we graduated from going to the beach for our evening outings, to going to the park, and it was as if the little one was going to a public school after being home taught. For the past 18 months of his life he had been content in knowing that he was the only baby around, he happily went around collecting his sea shells and stones at the beach, and the sudden change to seeing swings of every size and shape, moving in all sorts of directions , with children of every size and temperament on them , had him stunned to stillness for a while.  For the first few days he was content at playing with the stones at the park, doing acticities he was familiar with at the beach, but Mama wanted more. Mama wanted her little boy to discover new skills- and he did. Soon , Shreysht started climbing up the steps of the play gym, one step at a time. I was filled with growing pride, as my 19 month old, navigated climbing up and down on his own. Now a little about this play gym. It

this women's day let's empower our men as well as our women

“It's women's day again! Didn't we just have one?” Was my husband's reaction when he heard about women's day celebrations on the radio. And I wondered why? Was it because I had been the nagging badgering feminist that he had taken this stand , or was it part of a bigger picture? At the outset I might as well confess that I am a feminist evangelist, I was all spit fire and outcry when Nirbhaya got raped, I loved Pink the movie, and for days discussed the ' no means NO' and how even a prostitute can say NO and it should be respected. I get that; and yet I am offended when the recent Amazon ad has the girl putting up her feet and saying 'Pink’, and when the husband is actually tuning in to see the movie, she takes out the nail polish and says ‘ laga do '. What do I find offensive? It's her tone. Would you use that tone with your friend, your girl friends even? Then why the husband?  Today's media doesn't seem to underst