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I think God is the closest during sunsets. A lot of people like sunrises, early mornings, late afternoons, night times.. but my favourite time of the day is sunsets. So when children are returning from tuitions, or play, and parents are returning from work, and most people are settling in for an evening of television, Ilike to watch the sun go down. It’s amazing really. The best thing about sunsets is the cloud formations. I mean how does God do it? I ask myself every time, how does he manage to make a unique sunset every day? The clouds are sometimes soft and fluffy , and sometimes wispy, sometimes the whole sky is full of like ripples of clouds.. it’s like a masterpiece of a painting which I feel is wasted because so few people actually stop to admire it, and it lasts for such a short time. Like a painting on a paper which dissolves after a maximum of 10 minutes. As if that was not enough , the clouds change colour! They go from white, golden yellow, orange, pink, purple.. A nigh