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Call of the wild

I wonder if tigers read blogs, or for that matter if poachers read blogs? They say t6hat there are only 1411 tigers in India now, I seriously doubt that figure, I read about a dead tiger just day before , so I’m guessing it’s 1410 now..or lesser. The idea being that there are lesser tigers in India, than people in a city mall. So I thought I’ll write Mr Tiger a letter.. Dear Mr Tiger, Howz it going? Umm sorry wrong question, I know it’s not going too well. I’m also guessing that you blame us for your near extinction. The fact remains that you are very important to us, an integral part of our collective psyche, in short you are family Mr Tiger and we love you.I know you are thinking ,’ Bah! If this is how you treat family, who needs enemies.’, so here are a few examples of why we can’t imagine life without you. 1. I love my Tiger biscuits, they are just the right consistency when dipped in tea. Chai and tiger biscuits a winning combination. My mornings would be empty without you. 2. Th

the zero hour

They say that half the people would never finish their work if it wasn’t for the eleventh hour,but I personally prefer the zero hour. The zero hour is the time between the alarm clock ringing the first time and the time it rings after you’ve pressed the snooze button. That glorious period of snuggling in your warm bed while you can hear the rain outside, knowing that you have a precious 15 more minutes, before your feet touch the cold floor. Every single morning my alarm rings at 6:30, and every day I put it on snooze , and on special days I put it on snooze twice. I bargain with myself for a few more moments of the zero hour. I rationalise my need for those extra minutes of warmth with lines like ‘ I’ll bathe in the evening, anyways I had a bath last night so it’s not even 24 hours between baths’ , ‘it’s too cold to bathe anyways’ , ‘ I don’t have to iron my clothes am wearing the wrinkle free trousers today’ ‘ I am having cornflakes for breakfast so saving time to heat the food’. Eve