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Call of the wild

I wonder if tigers read blogs, or for that matter if poachers read blogs?
They say t6hat there are only 1411 tigers in India now, I seriously doubt that figure, I read about a dead tiger just day before , so I’m guessing it’s 1410 now..or lesser. The idea being that there are lesser tigers in India, than people in a city mall. So I thought I’ll write Mr Tiger a letter..
Dear Mr Tiger,
Howz it going? Umm sorry wrong question, I know it’s not going too well. I’m also guessing that you blame us for your near extinction.
The fact remains that you are very important to us, an integral part of our collective psyche, in short you are family Mr Tiger and we love you.I know you are thinking ,’ Bah! If this is how you treat family, who needs enemies.’, so here are a few examples of why we can’t imagine life without you.
1. I love my Tiger biscuits, they are just the right consistency when dipped in tea. Chai and tiger biscuits a winning combination. My mornings would be empty without you.
2. The morning newspapers are full of a man who wielded a lot of power once upon a time in Maharashtra. This tiger has lost more of his roar, and frankly I don’t mind if his type of divisive politics becomes extinct. The fact still remains that such supreme hold over a state..we couldn’t have named him after any one else.
3. A dashing Nawab of pataudi, who had the winning combination of talented sportsman, blue blood and drop dead good looks, could only be called ‘Tiger Pataudi’. One word says it all.
4. One man who made the staid game of golf into a ‘stud’ game.. tiger woods. Who would imagine that a game which was hitherto thought of as a game for retired men, would be catapulted to the scandal and testerone driven level.. maybe the name ‘tiger’ had something to do with it.
5. Phrases like..’Go tiger go’ and ‘tu toh mera sher hai’ would become obsolete, I really don’t know how I would cheer my li’l cousins when they race towards the finish line. Mr Tiger, you have inspired generations to get up and strike.. to reach beyond.. GO TIGER!!
6. What would happen to Sheru Our trusty Mascot. What would happen to all the Sherbaugs, in all the cities of of India..
7. How would I explain Vaishnodevi to my children? The ethereal concept of a tangible God, the ‘shere wali Ma’ astride a tiger with weapons of war in her 10 arms. How would I explain a concept as comp[lex as God , who is all powerful and a symbol of ‘shakti’ riding on an extinct animal?
8. How woul;d I explain to my children the concept of Satyamev Jayate.. that truth will always win.. which is inscribed under four tigers? An endangered animal, safe guarding the endangered concept of truth?
You see Mr Tiger, you are more than just our national animal. They say there are only 1411 of you left, but somehow, you are everywhere , on every paisa, every coin, and every rupee note. How will we be able to explain you to the generations to come?
In salutation,
Your admirer.


Anonymous said…
well written ...!!

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