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birthday retrospect: 10 things that Travel taught me

Every year around my birthday, I write my birthday retrospect, and truthfully I have been planning on writing the big 30 birthdays retrospect for almost a year now.  Initially I decided to write my list of thirty things to do before turning 30, and yes it sounds like the resolutions one makes every single year. But this was different, every year after breaking the resolution, one got to say, well better luck next don’t turn 30 every year and so putting a finite date put things in perspective and truly I got a lot done.  There were small things like drinking 8 glasses of water ( which was bloody hard!) , to the profound; like working at my dream job ( which I managed, even though it doesn't pay much), then there were the existential; like becoming a millionaire by 30 ( not a million US dollars, but a million Indian rupees in savings would be nice). But this blog post is not about if I actually became a millionaire, it’s about being a different kind of rich. So for