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The Dance

The music rose and fell, like waves, then swirled around the room, sweeping everything in its wake. They lifted her fingers and made them tap. The music then moved to her feet making them move to the rhythm. She gave into the moment and did a small jig.  Then stopped. Embarrassed, she looked around if anyone had seen her lapse of control. No one had seen.  Everyone was outside practicing for the sangeet . It was her daughter’s wedding tomorrow and tons had to be done. Rama, looked out the window and saw her daughters’ friends dancing to the lively music. There were squeels of laughter and good natured ribbing; it was going to be the perfect wedding. Rama thought of her own wedding, and the failed marriage which followed. She had been a fool she realized now, to have dreamt dreams too lofty for any man to fulfill. She had believed in the song and dance routine of the hindi films she loved, she had believed that she would dance in the rain and twirl in her rain-drenched