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arranged marriage- the great indian equation.

The world over, genius mathematicians are hard at work trying to solve some of the most baffling mysteries of our times and yet they remain unaware of the most intriguing of all equations.. the equation of the Indian arranged marriage. On the face of it, marriage proposals seem like a simple equation.. good looks + good family background + educated + stable job = perfect match. Ah but if it were only so simple, there are some things which are not simple addition factors. So you have family acceptance which is a multiplication factor, foreign degree which is raised to the power of 2 , then there is green card which is a raise to the power of 4 and almost a deal clincher.Then there are division factors such as height , skin colour, short hair, big feet, and the absolute disasters like manglik, and low caste and squint. So you think to yourself.. hmm that doesn't seem too complicated. WAIT. There's more. Then there is a whole different set of factors related to the family. What do