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The great equaliser..

One massive stage, a synchronised act of guts and glory, a play of dexterity and intense concentration.. A stage set in the operation theatre.. There is a set order , a certain protocol , when it comes to working in an OT setting. The operating surgeons,gallant and all powerful , the assistants, in subtle veneration , the nursing staff , the attendants, who slunk around like the invisible work force. There is order... A certain heirarchy, here iin the operation theatre.. And then there is the great equaliser!! I love it, the sheer brilliance of the working in a government hospital. For all those who still haven't figured out what all this is about..lemme tell u. In all operation theatres we are expected to be in surgical scrubs, right? now in a govt hoospital these are supplied by the hospital, and laid out all laundered , on the day of your OT outside the theatre. now the brilliant thing is that All of us pick our scrubs from this laundered set, whether you are the big boss or the

birthday retrospection.

Turning twenty five tomorrow.. and it's got me thinking.. I had this grand big list of things to do before I turn 25. So I guess it was time to retrospect. Now I could have retrospected without having blogged about it, but then today was a particularly not nice day. On a scale of 1- 10 I would give it a measly 4. But then pre birthday blues make birthday blasts even more special. I am going to turn 25, and looking back on the years I realise that they haven't been easy years. As I sit in my balcony today, pondering my future while the sun sets, I realise that what I have in front of me, is no where as scary as the years I have already lived. Childhood was no child's play. School homeworks, terminal exams, PT sessions, all of them came with their anxious moments. Making new friends, joining new schools.. coping with growing up. There were big hurdles like board exams, but what I remember are the small trifes. Even now when I see kids playing hide and seek, I remember dre