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we are all victims here

The recent Delhi gang rape case has lead to many discussions, most of the discussions start of about what the government/society should do, but end up proclaiming what women should NOT do.Here are a few of the Don'ts that I have come across in the last few days. Thou shalt not titillate men . When I informed the nurses at the hospital I work at about the rape incident, after the customary sympathetic noises, these ‘independent working women’ said “Madam you should always wear dupatta when you go out.” What if I am wearing pants or denims, how can I wear a dupatta with that? And more importantly do we have a study where we have asked rapists,”excuse me but do you find a dupatta a deterrent to raping women?” Infact even women in Burkhas get raped! Women at 80 get raped in their homes, and prepubescent girls raped on their way back from school. Is the school uniform not a deterrent to rape? Thou shalt not stay out late at night . How late is late? Is 9 o clock at night late