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Birthday retrospect : From resilience to antifragility

  Happy Birthday to me ! Gosh, let me begin by bragging and being in gratitude- my brag is that this is the 14 th year that I am writing this birthday retrospect, and my gratitude is that there are people who are reading this, who have read ALL my previous 14 years of retrospects, or the past few 5-6 years at the least . Most of you know my life, know my journey, and take the time each year to hold space for me to share my year with you. Thankyou. Thankyou for being a witness to all that is unfolding. Before I wrote this year’s birthday blog – I got a bit nostalgic and re-read the posts from the past few years, so will take you all on a bit of a – journey so far, a recap of sorts. And also to see the story arc, the repeating of patterns, the growth in mindset. 2019 Birthday retrospect – I think no story can begin without this moment in my life. The title of the retrospect was Lebensmude and other Mid-Life things . In this post I spoke about how I was always someone living for t