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Being me

You know that feeling when a scene from a movie or a few lines from a song send you into a reverie of your own? Something about the scene reminds you of past experiences and feelings and all of a sudden you are transported on the wings of your thoughts… Similar thing happened to me a few days ago while watching TV.A jewellery advertisement about a young professional who is asked to ‘lose’ the blingy jewellery because it might distract the clients. The girl is asked to conform to the ways of her seniors, but the real beauty of the ad is when she goes ahead and wears her bling, does not allow office dictats to decide her wardrobe and does not ‘lose’ her identity. Her tongue in cheek answer- don’t worry, my work is better looking than me, is what really got me thinking. I remember a day in medical college when a very senior female doctor called me to her chamber and advised me against wearing ‘dangling earrings and lipstick.’ She said,”If you spend so much time looking after you