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The feminine Archetypes workshop

  The Power of the Feminine Ever so often we are met with the question what is a woman? And the world answers back – WOMAN, you are a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, you effortlessly manage the home and work. You are awesome ! What if the roles we played in people’s lives, and all the work we did at home and at work was taken away- what then would be the essence of the woman? Here is where I introduce to you the concept of ROLEs Vs Archetypes.   Role is the act of DOING, Archetype is the act of BEING. Role is in relation to something else- you cannot be a mother without a child, or a wife without a husband. The archetype has not such rules, you can be a Nurturer without a child– because you can nurture ideas, plants, or other relationships. You do not need a partner to embody the lover archetype – you can live in passion and pleasure for absolutely anything in life.   The power of archetypes and working with archetypes I attended a Live session with Tony Robbins o